Wanisha and Jaishan

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How We Met

Well Jaishan and I met on a special day it was a dan of celebrating the new beginning of spring and this was somewhere in march 2014. We Hindus always celebrate holi phagwa in March and that’s where we two met. Sins that day we were texting each other on Facebook and than after Facebook on WhatsApp so we change numbers. One time i sad “Hey how are you? Let’s hang out like right now!” And he was like “Uh… you me right right now!” I sad “Yeah why not!? Meet me at the bus stop and when i’m almost there i will call you.” So i was at the bus stop en he saw me stopping out the bus and came right to me and we were like ok let’s buy a drink en talk on the way. So we talked and got to know each other what more and we we’re having so much fun that we did not even notice the time. So i had to go and he drop me at the bus station and waited with me on the bus. We were both watching behind us, i was looking at the bus is it coming or not and he Jaishan was looking at the time when the bus should come. When the bus came i want it to say goodbye with a hug so we hugged and than we stared a while and suddenly he kissed me right on the lips and sins that day (4/3/14) we are dating now for almost 4 years and are almost 1 year engaged.

how they asked

It was on the 25th anniversary of my future parents-in-law and I didn’t know of anything because he sad “No I am not going to do or on there special day” But guess what. It happened during the break of the music band and everyone was there Jaishans family and acquaintances and my parents, sisters, uncles and aunts and my cousin. So, I had to stand in the middle and everyone stood around me and than suddenly the uncle of Jaishan sad “Everybody i think something beautiful is going to happen so sprints all forward if you do not want to miss this special event!” And then it was Jaishan’s turn: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to be able to take this moment from my parents I love them very much and this rose is for you Wanisha. I love you very much, you mean the world to me and here I want to take my chance now and here I want to ask you: do you want to marry me?”

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And of course I said yes and he slid the beautiful diamond ring around my finger and all our family immediately came running towards us to congratulate us.

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