Vy and Andy

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How We Met

We met for the first time through one of my best friends at her 21st birthday party. He clowned on me a few times that night because of my one-shoulder top which threw me off because it was our first time meeting but he did make me laugh. He got my number by accident that night because one of my friends need a ride from him and her phone died so she called him from my phone. After that night he had my number and I never realized it. We added each other on Facebook later on but never spoke or saw each other again until 6 months later when I replied to one of his Facebook status’. He then texted me after I commented on his post, which took me by surprise and asked me to come out with him. I kept thinking to myself why would I go downtown with someone I barely know.

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He kept insisting that I went and didn’t take no for an answer so I went downtown that night with a voice in my head that said just friends, nothing more. After that night we continued to talk through text for the next few weeks. We live an hour away from each other so we only had a four lunch dates here and there for about almost 3 months, then one day after our lunch date he asked me to come meet his mom. That’s when I knew we were more than just friends. From that moment on, I knew he was someone special. He was patient with me from the beginning even when I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship, he slowly changed my mind all while making me laugh the whole way through. The rest was history.

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how they asked

Hawaii was our first trip alone as a couple. With his work in Oklahoma City we didn’t see each other for almost 3 months during the summer so he took me to Hawaii as a get away for my birthday in August but more so to just have some alone time. It was a chance for us to grow together as one. This trip showed me that he will always try his very best to make me happy and to put me first before anything or anyone. He has more patience for me than anyone would ever have. I also learned that he will never cease to amaze me. On the second to last day of our trip we planned to take photos at Sunset Beach. Who knew that after the sunset I would become his fiancé. Once upon a time he told me he would show me the world but after that week in Hawaii, I realized that the world was standing right in front of me. He is my world. We planned to dress nice and go sight-seeing on one of our last days in Hawaii. We heard Sunset Beach was the best spot to watch the sunset in Hawaii.

As we were on the beach getting ready to watch the sunset he claimed that he saw someone he knew. He’s from Alabama and we’re here in Hawaii what were the odds that he randomly ran into a friend which we did earlier in the day at another beach. So his “photographer friend” Chris came up and we talked. He was there taking photos of the sunset also which was normal because it was a tourist spot. He asked us what we were doing and he offered to take our photos for us which I thought was nice of him. At one point he was directing us and in my head I thought to myself why does this feel like an engagement shoot. I felt so awkward. I couldn’t stop laughing. Chris finally said “ok, just pretend he’s going to propose”. That’s when he popped the question and I started bawling and he starting tearing up he couldn’t even say his speech.

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The real story is Chris wasn’t an old friend. He was part of the plan before we were even in Hawaii. It was the sweetest surprise to end our Hawaii trip.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Chris Boulware
 | Filmed/photographed surprise proposal
Andy Vo- Fiance
 | Filmed and edited Hawaii video