Vrunda and Sunny

How We Met

Beginning of Happily Ever After: Our story began on December 13, 2014, at Tina Desai’s (Mutual friend) engagement ceremony. Sunny’s mom spotted me and was blown away by my beauty. Little did she know she was sitting right next to my mom as the conversation started flowing both mom’s tried to set up Sunny and I (both moms shared plans for becoming a matchmaker jk) but FAILED…

A year went by and Tina got married. One day Tina and her family visited Sunny’s parents. Tina decided to become a REAL matchmaker and convinced Sunny to pursue me. On September 27, 2015, Sunny messaged me on Facebook and asked to go on a date with him. On October 5, 2015, we went to my fav spot MARGARITAS. With some tacos and strawberry margaritas, we got to know each other. I found out about his passion for work, hobbies, values, and his shy personality. Sunny found out my Type A pickiness, outgoing and extrovert personality. But like they say OPPOSITE ATTRACTS and so did Sunny and I!!

After months of pasta, paneer tikka and enchiladas I was waiting on Sunny to make it official. On the other hand, Sunny was afraid to ask and was overthinking “What if she doesn’t want to be my gf? What if she doesn’t like me? ” I took the matter into my hands and decided to make it official under the moon…

It was the beginning of Happily of Ever After and Fast Forward to Proposal………

how they asked

I always dropped hints for the type of a proposal I wanted which included a PHOTOGRAPHER and PRIVACY. The weekend before it went down Sunny told me plans for the following weekend (August 19, 2018). I love wine (LIKE LEGIT CRAZY FOR CABERNET SAUVIGNON) so Sunny thought why not create a fake Wine tasting event at W Boston, he talked highly about how great and fancy this event is AKA dropping hints to dress up like FANCY NANCY.

Vrunda and Sunny's Engagement in W Hotel Boston- Rooftop

The week of the Proposal Sunny mentioned about his upcoming trip to the City(Boston) for work, I had no idea it was a trip to W Hotel for finalizing details and created a Fake Wine Tasting Event poster and that he later shared with me. Few emails back and forth after the meeting with W Boston staff it was time for SHOWDOWN!!!

After arriving at W earlier than the planned time Sunny knew he had some time to kill so why not grab a drink at the Hotel bar. At 7 pm hotel coordinator Paige (who helped Sunny for perfect execution) escorted me and Sunny to the top floor cause “apparently” it involved changing few elevators. I had no idea my life was about to change and will be getting engaged to Love of my Life!! I spotted same fake wine tasting event poster near the staircase and hallway leaving no clues until I reached the top floor where doors opened and TA-DAA there was a photographer ready to capture the special moments. Sunny asked me to make him the luckiest guy on the planet by Marrying him!! After shedding few tears of disbelief I said YESSSS……

Proposal Ideas W Hotel Boston- Rooftop

Where to Propose in W Hotel Boston- Rooftop

Vrunda's Proposal in W Hotel Boston- Rooftop

Marriage Proposal Ideas in W Hotel Boston- Rooftop

Sunny went above and beyond to plan this special moment. Special thanks to W hotel staff for making sure everything is PERFECT!!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer
W Boston
 | Venue