Tim and Melinda | A Vlogger's Proposal Video

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 9.09.58 AMHow we met: I met Melinda on November of 2011. Well, let’s just say that’s when I first saw her picture. Scrolling through a dating website, desperately trying to fill a void in me, I saw her picture and decided to message her. Days pass, weeks pass, months pass, and no reply. Only in February of 2012 did she finally respond to my message. At this point, I already gave up on online dating, but decided to give it one more shot. So we finally met in person, clicked immediately, and we made our relationship official at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ on May 28, 2012.

Since she lives in Delaware and I live in Pennsylvania, a two-hour drive—sometimes three-hours—has always been between us; however, that never stopped us from growing together as a couple and growing together in Christ. We started our relationship with complete honesty, revealing our past sins and current struggles. It became a relationship where much patience and forgiveness was required. Since I do not believe divorce is an option, after a year of dating, I still had doubts whether this was the woman I would spend forever with. A good pastor friend of mine recommended the book “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller. I didn’t even get past the introduction when I finally made the decision to love this woman for the rest of my life. I learned that marriage is not about being comfortable. It is not about seeking someone to fulfill your needs and fill the emptiness inside. It is about spending the rest of your life striving to make the other person feel loved and fulfilling their every need. Marriage was created by God to reflect the love He has for us and I have seen God’s love reflected in her life every time she forgave me for all of my sin and selfish decisions. I knew that I could not live without this woman so in November of 2013, we started our pre-marital classes and we started looking at rings.

how they asked: On our second date ever, I already started vlogging around her (You can watch that vlog here.)

Vlogger's Proposal Video

Right from the start, I made it clear to her that I’m a YouTuber, crazy, and studying to be a pastor. So throughout all our time together, our relationship was captured through the lens of a camera for the world to see, so I knew I had to incorporate that into the proposal. I wanted to put all of my biggest passions into this proposal; I wanted to go all out for her! So I decided to incorporate my four biggest passions into the proposal: God, family, video, and music.

In December of 2013, I wrote her a song called “It’s Gonna Be Woh” to express my love for her. A month before the proposal, I got together with the owners and staff at Hackman’s Bible Bookstore  to ask if I could propose in their store and capture it all on film. I’m glad they said yes. So for the entire month, I, along with my family and friends at Hackman’s, planned everything out in great detail (To watch behind the scenes of it, check this out.) So then, the day finally came!

It was March 15, 2014. Melinda came to Pennsylvania Saturday morning to get a makeup trial with my sister Lo. The idea was to get her out of the house and since Melinda made the appointment herself, it worked out perfectly. As soon as she left, we all went to Hackman’s Bible Bookstore to prepare everything.

The plan for the girls was that after the makeup session, they would go look at dresses for my sister’s wedding. On their way, I called my sister and asked her to quickly run to Hackman’s to pick up some material for Sunday School the next day. My sister Lo pretended to be annoyed and reluctantly agreed to pick it up. As they finally entered the store, we were all crammed in a closet waiting for the right moment. Signs were placed around the store advertising a Bible Trivia Booth to win free tickets to a Casting Crowns concert—of course this was fake. So Lo decided to try it out with Melinda. They entered the booth that the manager had set up a few days in advance. Inside they found a laptop with a Bible Trivia game. Melinda sat down and started to answer the questions as my mom called Lo from inside the closet. So Lo exited the booth as Melinda continued with the game. After the third question, a video popped up on the laptop! This video was of me explaining why she should marry me. I summarized the vlogs that she was part of with me and gave her reasons for why she would make an amazing wife. As she watched, we all stood around the outside of the booth, waiting for the video to end.

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Christian Bookstore Proposal 7

Once the video ended, she exited the booth to encounter both families and friends smiling at her. As she giggled in surprise and nervousness, I appeared from behind the line of people, playing my guitar. As I stood in front of her, I sang the song I held in for so long. The song was romantic while at the same time weird and funny, which really reflects our relationship.

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After I sang the last line of the song is, “Will you marry me,” I put the guitar down, got on my knees, and pulled out the blue diamond ring she had picked out. She gasped in amazement and said “Yes!” I put the ring on her finger and gave her a big hug and kiss!

Vlogger's Proposal Video

Vlogger's Proposal Video

After that, I bought her a study Bible from the store and told her that I will use that Bible for my devotional time, highlight and take notes on it, and give it to her on our wedding night—something that she had asked for a while back. So I used my passion of music, video, family, and God to show her how much I love her. I am so happy she said yes! I cannot wait to spend my entire life with her!

Video by tim3vlog