Vjollca and Vincent

How We Met: I met Vin October in 2008. We had mutual friends become friends, linking our paths to cross. Halloween night we were all planning to go out a party in Queens. Vin and I instantly hit it off and we went out on a few dates. I had just gotten out of a relationship and I was not ready to enter a new one just yet. We remained friends and spoke on occasion. I could not get over the feelings I had felt for him, how he was able to make me let my guard down was truly magical. Vin was consistent and kept asking to hang out and move forward but I was not ready. Months of a friendship turned into a beautiful romance.

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In April 2009, a friends birthday would bring us back together. We started to see each other again, went on constant movie dates and dinner dates. On July 4th 2009, I met his family. Although we were not official just yet it was pretty sweet to be introduced to his whole family at his grandmothers bbq. This is how I knew he was serious with his feelings for me and how confident he was in knowing we would soon be official.

On July 22 2009, we were hanging out at his house when he asked to play the “question game”. He began to ask series of silly questions, it was a fun little afternoon date that lead to a pretty amazing question. He went on to say “So hypothetically would you possibly maybe be my girlfriend if i asked you to be?” Of course I instantly said yes! He then went on to say “Good because its not hypothetical its real, your my girlfriend now!”

how they asked: Fast forward five and half years later, we were more in love than ever. Vin got accepted into Physical Therapy school in Florida, naturally he had asked me to move down with him and that I did. We lived together for about 2 years and we had planned a trip back to New York for Christmas break. Both of us being born and raised in New York, I was beyond excited to head back and experience a real winter and real holiday feel!

I however ended up having the flu on Christmas day that lasted until a week after New Years. I was very sick and lost my voice causing me to stay in and rest. Days leading up to New Years Eve I was eager to celebrate and get out of the house. However, Vin kept saying “No no your sick maybe we should just get take out or order in.” I was so upset, I kept insisting i was okay and to make us reservations because I really wanted to go out and celebrate the New Year.

He then caved in and said okay well go out to a steakhouse if they have a reservation available. Finally New Years Eve is upon us, and I couldn’t help but think how mean Vin was for continuing to insist we stay in. He went on and on about how he did not want to dress up for Gabriele’s Steakhouse. I was becoming upset at thinking why this night wasn’t as special to him as it was for me.

I even called my sister to tell her my concerns for the evening, she was very short and hung up on me very quickly saying she was late for her dinner with her husbands family. So I just ignored Vin and his thoughts of staying in instead and continued to get ready. Little did I know he had a whole huge surprise planned for me.

As we are driving to Gabriele’s Vin starts talking about how he wants to go to Starbucks for some coffee because we were too “early” for our reservation. It was 515 pm and reservation was for 530pm. I insist on just going in and waiting to be seated. He ignores me and drives to Starbucks but then pulls away instantly and says “Lets just go to Gabriele’s, never mind.” Finally we make it to Gabriele’s, Vin opens the door, as we walk into the lobby he says “Place is beautiful right? wait what is that?” All I see is Christmas lights up everywhere, fireplace was burning wood and on the table I see roses.

I then realize there is picture of us in the center of the table along with his mothers cellphone. I was so confused, I didn’t put it together what was happening, all I thought was “wait this picture is suppose to be in his living room how’d it get here? his mom is at dinner but why is her phone here?” I didn’t get it at ALL! He then went down on one knee and proposed to me.I couldn’t stop crying, having had no voice i just nodded my head YES.

I then began to see flashes from a camera and heard voices say “Say YES say YES!” I quickly became more confused. It didn’t hit me what was happening. Vin did an amazing job at throwing me off! After realizing both our families were there to witness this magical moment and take pictures for us, I was then able to catch my breath and I said YES! I have never felt more fulfilled in my life.

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The man who I was so in love with asked me to be his forever! I could not be more grateful for everything about that night! I learned that he had called ahead and had them block that room off so nobody would come in or out of the room or restaurant to interrupt the moment.

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We took photos and had dinner altogether. It was the best night of my life and I feel utterly blessed to be marrying the most amazing person that has ever entered my life.

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