Viviane and Kevin

Viviane's Proposal in Oberwaldsee Dietesheim, Mühlheim, Germany

How We Met

Viviane and I met little over a year ago when I walking into the kitchen of a party in which she helped out by washing dishes. Just a glance at her beautiful face and I was genuinely enchanted by her light grey/blue eyes that never let me go. But awkward as I am I just stumbled out of the room again without knowing who she was or how to contact her. Of course, I thought she was out of my league, I mean just look at her.

Later that day she came outside as well with her dog walking on the grass and talking to people.
I really don’t know how I did it or what I said, but the moment she was alone with her dog I walked up to her and started talking, which then led to a beautiful evening full of open conversation. We both felt really comfortable with each other from the start and got to know each other really well.
During the end of our conversation though, a common friend of us joined in and I felt like it would be weird to ask for her number right now…

Sadly I had to leave and never got her number. BUT! I knew her Instagram name and that’s how we started messaging each other the next day. Not long after we started dating for a couple of weeks and finally became a couple on July 17th, 2017. From that point on, we never missed a good night call and met at least once a week. We couldn’t go without each other! … We still can’t.

how they asked

I’ve had no doubt that Viviane was the woman I will marry and she made it clear that she feels just the same way. Our relationship grew so fast and very strong. In a relatively short time, we bonded through difficulties, diseases, stress, vacations and lots of love. We both need much affection and don’t hesitate to show that outwards as well. It was clear to me I would want to propose to her. I’ve found this beautiful rose gold engagement ring with a rose gleaming morganite stone and I immediately knew ‘that’s the one’. I’ve had the ring already 4 months before I would ask her and started planning very early. I always knew which location I would choose. There is this beautiful lake with steep cliffs near our home and my mind already started creating the scene there.

For my plan, I needed the help of a friend who is into photography because I definitely needed to capture the vibe of this moment. He texted my girlfriend some weeks before and asked if we two would help him get a romantic couple-photo for a (made up) photo contest. She agreed and we planned it for the 1st of September 2018. The day arrived and I’ve been missing some sleep because I was so nervous. I needed it to be perfect because that’s just the way I am.

Proposal Ideas Oberwaldsee Dietesheim, Mühlheim, Germany

On that day she knew we would grab something to eat and then meet up with our friend for the photo shooting. Little did she know him and I was already busy at the lake, prepping the area with lights, candles, blankets and of course the ring which I hid in a peony blossom under a glass dome (yes, that’s very beauty and the beast-like), beautiful and romantic none the less. I picked her up at about midday and we drove to get some food at a food truck festival. As casual as possible to not get any suspicion.

Where to Propose in Oberwaldsee Dietesheim, Mühlheim, Germany

We eventually met up with our friend and started to take some photos. Still some trails away from the actual location. As we got closer I became more and more nervous and hoped everything would go as planned. We then finally arrived at the location and she stood in awe for a brief moment. Then we already became more instructions on how we should stand for the photo. Without further thinking she stood next to me, looking in the distance, just as our friend told her. I then started playing a song we both had a close connection with via a Bluetooth box behind a wooden crate. That was the moment she knew what was coming and just as she turned around I grabbed the glass dome and hid it behind my back. I started saying one or two sentences about us and this moment just to let the moment sink in and then got on my knee to ask her this one important question: “Will you, Viviane, become my wife?”. She trembled and couldn’t see with all the tears in her eyes, but squeaked a single but willing “YES” just as she as well got on her knees to embrace me.

I was so unbelievable overwhelmed that I couldn’t help myself but to just knee there with the ring in my hand and cry as well. It was a magical moment and so packed with emotions, that we needed some time lying on the blankets to let everything sink it, realize what was going on, and cry happy tears here and there to let our emotions roam freely.

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