Viviana and Josue

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How We Met

Josue and I met back in 2008 when we both worked at Best Buy in my hometown of Baytown. We were both in other relationships at the time so it never ever crossed my mind that he would one day ask me to be his wife. Eventually, we both went our separate ways to take on other endeavors outside of retail. Needless to say, we lost contact as he pursued a career with his current employer while I went on to finish my degree in Education. Fast forward to 2014, and the ever-growing world of social media, I received a “Direct Message” on Twitter from Mr. Josue himself asking for advice on where to buy tickets to see the Houston Rockets. Now I am a HUGE Houston Rockets fan so of course that immediately drew me in and resulted in endless nights of game talk (he had me at Houston Rockets). We talked on and off as friends for a few months since we were both going through similar relationship woes at the time. We simply turned to each other for support before both realizing that those relationships just were not going to work. He, of course, realized that before I did, so, he patiently played the waiting game until I finally came to my senses.

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Jumping to December 2015, Josue and I started talking and seeing each more steadily, officially going on a first date at the Houston Zoo then spending Christmas at the Toyota Center watching the Rockets beat the Spurs.Things began to really flourish in the months to follow as we began to share our common interests in travel and adventure. We spent that following summer traveling to Florida where I met Mickey for the first time and where he got to see my niece play softball in Panama Beach. From there, we took trips to San Diego and Puerto Rico where we were able to spend Thanksgiving with his grandmother, aunts, cousins, and sister. Boy, was I nervous about that experience, and it definitely didn’t help that my mashed potatoes caught on fire in the oven! Needless to say, it is now a funny story we can joke about, and yes, they still ate my potatoes.

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how they asked

August 3, 2017, my 29th birthday. We both took off work and drove to New Orleans where we were going to spend my birthday weekend. He had it all planned out, dinner that evening at Arnaud’s, walk around Bourbon Street, and spend the next day touring the WWII museum. In the days before the trip, I gave him a hard time and joked saying “you better not propose to me because I didn’t get my nails done!” My family was also acting a bit odd as they were all texting me on the way telling me to be sure to take pictures. I found it odd since it was only a 6-hour drive and they were never this persistent when we had traveled anywhere else.

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Dinner time rolls around and we arrive at Arnaud’s where they seated us in a corner table with a nice jazz trio playing on the opposite side of the room and a red balloon tied on my chair. I didn’t think much of it since it was my birthday and saw that another person who was celebrating a birthday had a balloon on their chair as well. It was a delicious dinner and we were moving on to dessert when Josue told me he had to use the restroom. Little did I know, he was actually going to hand the waiter the ring. He returns and soon after the waiter comes to our table with a covered dish. I was confused since we had not yet told him what we wanted for dessert but figured it was a surprise birthday dessert.

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The waiter uncovers the dish and there lies the most beautiful ring. At least the short glimpse of it was beautiful because I immediately covered my face in complete shock before turning to my right where I find a teary-eyed Josue on one knee with a ring in hand. It all happened so fast that I can’t even tell you what he said (good thing he had it written down in the birthday card that I was supposed to open first). Soon after we shared our moment, the jazz trio came to our table where they congratulated us by playing A Kiss to Build a Dream on by Louis Armstrong. It truly was a night I will never forget.

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