Viviana and Daniel

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How We Met

The story of a Biker and a Beanie Baby…

It all began in Ann Arbor while we were freshmen at the University of Michigan. Before Bumble, Tinder, JSwipe, Daniel had stumbled upon a Facebook photo of me through mutual friends. He was looking through my photos and saw that I was in a sorority. As the social chair of his fraternity at the time, he thought, “I want us to start hanging out with them!” He organized a serenade with his fraternity at my sorority house during one of our chapter meetings. At that meeting, I was sitting next to my Big and spotted a really cute guy in the front row. He was standing next to a guy that I had known for 6 months already, so I asked my Big, “Who is that cute guy standing next to Matthew.” She responds with a laugh, “You idiot, that’s his twin brother Daniel! I went to camp with them, I’ll set you up!” I had no hopes of that happening, but that weekend, he happened to be at our sorority date party at a bowling alley with the theme ‘B’ is for bowling. My Big remembered that I thought one of the twin brothers was cute, she just wasn’t sure which one. So she ran over to both of them and said to Matthew, “I want you to meet my Little, Viviana!” Daniel stood there and thought, “OH YEAH! Viviana! That is the girl I saw on Facebook and thought was pretty! That sucks that she’s into Matthew and not me.” Little did he know at the time, I really was! My Big pulled both of the twins over to me and started to push Matthew towards me. I gave her a look visually telling her that Daniel was the one I was interested in. At that moment, she pushed Daniel towards me, pulled out her digital camera and took a blurry picture of the two of us dressed as a Biker and Beanie Baby, before we had even said a word to each other. We spent the rest of the night talking and here we are, 6 years later.

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how they asked

“Six years ago today, I asked you to be my girlfriend. I stand here today and now ask you to be my wife.”

Daniel and I have a spot on Belle Isle, an island between Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, where we love to watch sunsets. I had been asking Daniel for a week in March if we could go to our spot and watch the sunset, he acted like it may happen but not to get my hopes up because he was really busy. Friday’s weather was beautiful so I asked if we could go, but he made tons of excuses why we couldn’t.

Saturday came and the weather looked iffy, but Daniel wanted to go to Belle Isle regardless. Ironically, I was pushing away from the idea because I didn’t think there would be a sunset to see through all the clouds. He said we should go because we hadn’t been in a little while and we had nothing else to do. We drove onto the island and I thought I could see two easels with paintings on them at our usual spot.

We got out of the car and started walking when I soon realized they weren’t paintings, but photos of us. With hydrangea petals leading a path to the photos, we walked down it and at the end he turned to me and said, “Six years ago today, I asked you to be my girlfriend. I stand here today and now ask you to be my wife.” I had absolutely no idea that it was the anniversary of when we had officially become a couple since our anniversary that we celebrate is the day we first kissed. I couldn’t believe that he remembered that date and I hadn’t! After I had obviously said “YES”. He surprised me afterward with some of my best friends and family from out of town at a hotel room in Detroit. It was truly the perfect night.

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Special Thanks

Geneva Simon
 | Photographer