Vivian and Ryan

Vivian's Proposal in Thermopolis, WY

How We Met

I moved into a house right across the street from Ryan in 2015, but never actually met him until September of 2016, after I had moved a few blocks down the street. There were many people in town wanting to set the two of us up, but our story was not meant to begin until the perfect moment.

We were at the VFW for a very special cookie jar action. A mutual friend happened to be sitting with me and noticed Ryan standing by our booth. A little background- this particular friend had been wanting to set the us up since Christmas of 2015. Another friend tried setting us up on a blind date only a month or so before we met, but like I said before, our story was not meant to begin until the perfect moment.

We were introduced and immediately hit things off. Ryan’s parents were both at this fundraiser as well, so the whole, “meeting the parents” thing was taken care of very quickly.

Ryan spent the next few months sweeping me off my feet. The first “I Love You” came out as an accident while Ryan was rushing to leave for an ambulance call.

On December 21, 2017, Ryan pulled off the most romantic proposal, and I said “yes”.

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On December 21, 2017, Ryan’s parents were over for a very special evening (unknown to me at the time). Ryan had come home a little early and got dinner together. After dinner, there was a fire call for a “major gas leak” near our house. Ryan left in a rush, grabbing the jacket he had purposely left hanging on the closet door knob. I walked over to the window to watch for the trucks. All of a sudden, Patty (Ryan’s mom) became very interested in my Christmas ornaments, asking me which ones we had bought this year along with other questions to keep me occupied and away from the window.

Pretty soon, Bob (Ryan’s dad) noticed Chief walking up to the door. He told us that there was a huge gas leak in the park behind our house and the entire block was being evacuated. I turned around to grab the dogs, but Bob already had the Kahlua and Sawyer, one under each arm, and Patty had Duke by the collar.

I had no idea what was going on. I walked out and met Ryan at the end of the pathway. I even noticed the go pro on his coat, but didn’t put it together until he said, “I have to tell you something, I have loved you from the first day I met you.”

I managed to say yes through the tears, and the entire fire department cheered.

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