Vivian and Jonathan

Vivian's Proposal in Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge, MA

How We Met

We Met… Worlds collided when we met in August 2010 at the University of New Hampshire. It was our first week of college. I was outspoken and bubbly, always sporting overly teased hair and skinny jeans. He was shy and quiet, with unruly waves and a sunburn from being outside for 0.2 seconds. We quickly become best friends…spending most of our time together cooking, eating Dominos, listening to music on the lawn behind my dorm, and working out. And by working out, we mean, marathoning all 10 seasons of Friends with our closest friends. We were inseparable! We Fell in Love… Long story short, he made me a grilled mac n cheese sandwich and in that moment, she knew it was real (yes, seriously).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge, MA

Proposal Ideas Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge, MA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kendall Square Cinema, Cambridge, MA

A few weeks later, we started dating on February 14, 2011, after I went to my dorm and was greeted with a very nervous Jonathan and a room full of flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals. The next five years were a stunning adventure, filled to the brim with laughter and the sweetest love. Beyond writing our love story and building a life together, we supported each other professionally and shared the joy of receiving our bachelor degrees, master degrees, and landing dream jobs right out of school together.

how they asked

We Got Engaged… On May 17, 2016, Jonathan gathered our closest friends for a surprise proposal at the Kendall Square Cinema.

I arrived, dressed in an outfit he asked me to wear, with no idea what kind of a date night he had planned for us. After finding seats in the middle of an empty theater, Jonathan left to go to the “bathroom”.

The movie started rolling…and I immediately began laughing and sobbing, overwhelmed by the beautiful compilation of memories.

Jonathan even went so far as to include videos from friends across the country and around the world sending them best wishes during our engagement. As the movie ended and the lights went up, I was met with another surprise.

With one of my favorite songs (Umbrellas by Sleeping At Last) playing overhead, Liz Kim (my little from college), followed by more friends, took me by the hand and led me down to the front of the room. Each friend handed me a long-stem red rose and stood in a half circle as Jonathan walked down the steps, carrying even more red roses. He got on one knee and asked me if I would spend the rest of her life with him.

I, of course, said YES! We then continued the celebration on the rooftop by popping champagne with our closest friends while watching the sunset.