Vivian and John

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How We Met

Our fun and exciting roller coaster of a life together started 6 years ago in 2011 at a gathering with mutual friends at a karaoke. After meeting a few more times in a group environment, John and I started to hang out ourselves a lot more often. Whether it be playing kickball, going out with friends, watching a movie, or simply having dinner in the neighborhood. Just like any other relationship, our feelings grew for one another and found ourselves always wanting to spend time with each other. John and I knew this wasn’t going to be a short-term relations, so we decided that once I graduated college, we would move in with each other.

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The following month I found out I was pregnant. I am not going to lie, I was scared and was not sure what I was going to do. I just graduated and was getting ready for my first job. This was not in the plan, but I knew that John was here to stay and we would figure it out together. The amount of assurance and support he was showing me made he realize he wasn’t going anywhere.

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We had an amazing little boy and as time went by, our priorities started to be focused on other things than getting engaged or married as we both did not want to simply go to the courthouse and fill out the paperwork just because we had a kid together….

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how they asked

We have discussed engagement and marriage a lot throughout our relationship. Even prior to getting pregnant. In a sense, I have been waiting years for this to actually happen! After 6 years of dating, 3 years after finding out we were pregnant, and after a 2 year old little boy, I was accepting it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon still.

According to John, he had been thinking of asking the question for a while, but wasn’t sure when to do it. He also wanted to get my parent’s blessings but my dad living in Korea and John only meeting him once 3 years ago, there was no way for him to ask me for my dad’s contact information without me thinking that something was up.

My dad had booked a flight in March to come to Georgia for my sister’s graduation in May 2017 which is when John decided that he would do it. We do not get to see my dad much so I wanted to schedule something fun for the family while he was in town for the week. I had scheduled a family photo shoot for when he comes and then a week at Disney World.

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I was too busy with my own planning that I had no time to even suspect anything. It was the day my dad arrived from Korea and the day of our photo shoot on May 6, 2017. Earlier, I told John that he didn’t need to come with me to pick up my dad and that my sister, Cooper, and I would go ourselves. Little did I know, that was to his advantage as he wanted to scope out the location he had planned to pop the question. My dad was coming in the morning and the photo shoot was scheduled to be in the evening. The weather looked perfect and everything was going as planned. 30 minutes before we were to meet the photographer, the weather was getting gloomy and I started to panic as I knew this was the only time we would be able to schedule the photo shoot as we already had a packed schedule for the week of my dad’s stay.

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As I am texting the photographer (who is in on everything), he asks if I want to reschedule. A bit risky for him to ask, but luckily I said i wanted to make it happen and that hopefully it doesn’t pour on us. We met the photographer, spent about an hour and a half walking around and taking family photos. As we take our photos, it must have been Prom night for a high school nearby. A few different group of high schoolers were dressed nicely taking photos themselves. At the end of our walk, we head down to an area that was lit up with candles and lights. My immediately reaction was “Oh! I guess they left the lights and decorations after taking the prom photos! Lucky us!” Never did I suspect that this was all a part of John’s plan and that all of our friends were hiding behind the building as we walked down to the area.

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As we walk to the center of the bridge, I call my mom, dad, and sister to take a photo with us but they insisted that we go ahead and take photos alone. Cooper was getting tired and didn’t want to take pictures so I had to kneel down and bribe him (which is shown in the video) with a candy as long as he takes a few more pictures for me. I had no idea that while doing this, our friends were walking out and getting ready for John to propose to me.

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From what I can remember from this crazy moment, I stand up and John grabs me saying “I know how patient you have been and how much you deserve this more than anybody.” He tells me to look back and I see people, not paying attention to who they are, standing with signs and I don’t completely read the whole thing but I get the gist of it. I start crying and saying “Stop it. What are you doing? Stop it. John, stop it. It’s not funny. What are you doing?” He gets on one knee and asks “Will you marry me?” How can I say no? Of course I said yes!

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Cheers to a long life of fun and laughter. #saltycatchesthebyrd

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