Vivian and John

How We Met

I’ve never won anything before. No raffles prizes, no radio station giveaways, not even a scratch ticket! When I found out that I had won Sam and Sola’s photography and videography giveaway, my heart stopped for a good 5 minutes. How was I THAT lucky to win a session like that from my favorite photographers?! John and I have dated long distance for more than we’ve been together in person, so we don’t have many pictures besides webcam screen shots. When I told John the news, he didn’t believe me at all, knowing how much of a fan of Sam and Sola’s I was.

I ordered the perfect dress for the shoot, and it was supposed to come 3 days before the day of the shoot. Getting the email notification that my package was delivered made me drop everything and dash for the mailbox, only to find nothing in there. Confused, I searched around again, to still find nothing. Emailing the company, calling the delivery services, no one was able to help me, and we all came to a conclusion that the package was stolen. Heartbroken, I wanted to call off the photoshoot session. How was I able to have the perfect photoshoot without the perfect dress?! I was able to order the dress again, and get it expedited to ship the day of. Parked outside of my mailbox, I wanted 3 hours for the mailman to come, only to hear from him that he couldn’t find anything in my name. With disbelief, I kindly asked him to check one more time, knowing the package just had to be in there with every piece of me. He checked again, and low and behold, it was hiding under a huge package. I grabbed the package, put it on and we were on our way to the location.

Sam and Sola warmly greeted us and the topic of getting engaged came up. She asked “when do you guys plan on getting engaged?” I looked at John and smiled “probably not until I’m done with school”, and John just smiled at me. We took some pictures and walked around the lake, and then Sola directed us to walk to a secluded part of the lake. I was confused because everything got really quiet, and John was leading the way, like he knew where he wanted to take me. We walked around a big tree, and I saw white rose petals and white balloons awaiting my arrival. I looked to John in disbelief asking him “what is this?!” and then turn to Sam and Sola while they were capturing the entire thing. John had talked to Sam and Sola after I won the giveaway to plan the secret proposal, to capture the special moment for us.

Long distance isn’t and wasn’t easy. Its hard not being able to run to your other half right away for comfort and even more hard not being able to get a response right away after you shared something that happened to you that day. Waiting for each other and sticking out the trials of distance and different time zones was completely worth it because now I get to marry and do life with my best friend.

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Vivian and John's Engagement in Rattlesnake Lake

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Special Thanks

Sola Lee
 | Photographer
Sam Lee
 | Videographer
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring