Vivi and Orestis

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How We Met

My husband Orestis is a police officer and lives in an area 80 kilometers away from Athens. I study as a student at the University of Athens. November the 17th for Greece is an anniversary day where the dictatorship was abolished and The presidential parliamentary republic was established as our official culture. Every year the anniversary celebrations are erected by anarchists,so the government calls the police forces from other regions as well. So on November the 16th , Orestis was in Athens in order to help in this. His best friend was dating with my best friend and so that evening, after Orestis finished his job ,he went out with his friend Diamantis for wine and my friend Ioanna. She naturally asked me if I would join them . I accepted. It was the first time that we met each other.

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I think It was love at the first sight. He’s very smart and made me laugh all the time. He was impressed too and I understood it by the fact that he was flirting me all night. That night I went to my house to sleep. At 2:00 am in the night , my friend Ioanna called me. They were going for a drink close to my flat and I quickly woke up, made up and I was out the door in few minutes.Then I realized that I really loved with him. We had dating for one week and the last day before he returned to Loutraki we gave our first kiss. From that moment, our relationship became stronger and stronger.

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how they asked

On November 16, celebrating our fifth anniversary, I gave him the gift of two tickets for Rome. We have never travel abroad together It was our first trip … I was looking forward to going through the days. Orestis had completely planned our journey , in this way we could manage to see the whole Rome. On the third day of our stay, the plan said that we would visit the villa Borghese.

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The day was sunny and we started with a lot of joy … when we met a lake he asked to make a boat … it was very romantic … suddenly he told me how much he loves me, kneaded in front of me and with a beautiful ring asked me to if I want to get married …. I could not believe it, a surprise proposal in Rome, the eternal city.

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I did not understand anything . After the beautiful news I tell him “A tourist understands that you made me a proposal and photographed us?” and he answers me “No, I know her, she is Francesca the wedding photographer in Rome I engaged to take a picture of our proposal” For the second time I could not believed if. I was living my dream, my fairy tale … it was the most beautiful moment of my life and thanks to my sweet Francesca ,I will remember it forever .

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This is our story. During the course of our relationship, we fell in love, we loved so much each other, we were broken, we were separated (for 5 months, when we were together for 2 years), we hurt each other, we were disturbed by each other, but all of these made our relationship stronger. Today, after the proposal ,we got married in my village and I lived my fairy tail again. Our photos from the surprise proposal in Villa Borghese were everywhere and everyone was surprised with it. When I asked Orestis to write the story from his side he said that he found this woman that she could make his dreams come true.. and this woman is you Vivi…

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We will be together because he made a bet to smile because of him, because besides needing me he care and cover me so that I do not get cold, he has what I miss and he show me that his feelings are bigger than his selfishness.

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We will stay together, even when I can not protect him from bad days, I promise to beautify his nights, to watch him and to bother him as long as my feet hold me. I promise to be for him a prison with an open door.

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