Viva and Chase

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Viva and I had been planning a trip to Europe for months, and for the longest time I didn’t think that I would be proposing there. With only 3 months until we left I decided that if I am going to propose that I might as well do it in the best place I could: Assisi. The only problem was that I didn’t know how I was going to swing the money for the ring and the trip in such a short amount of time. After some research and ring shopping I came upon a dealer who was willing to cut me a really good deal and “make payments”. What I didn’t know was that these payments needed to be paid off completely before he would let me pick up the ring. With only weeks left before the trip I started really panicking about how this was going to happen. I was venting to a priest friend of mine about all of this when he stopped me and said, “why don’t I just cut you a check for the difference and you can pay me back when you can?” Needless to say I freaked out and gave him the biggest hug I could! With the ring in hand I had to get through 2 weeks in Europe, without her finding it, before we finally arrived at Assisi. I got there a day early because I wanted to spend the night there, Viva arrived with some friends the next morning. At first I thought about doing it at sunset but after more careful thought I couldn’t see myself wanting to wait another second. We met up in the courtyard of St. Francis of Assisi Basilica and I had her come and read a fake letter that her mom wrote to us. At the end of the letter I had her mom write “Ok Chase, now is the time”. That was my signal and as soon as Viva read it I hit my knee and asked the woman of my dreams to be my wife.

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Special Thanks

Brigitta Sanchez-Obrian
 | Photographer