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How We Met

Matt and I met nearly a decade ago. I was 15 and living with my parents in Germany. Matt was 24 and a young airman stationed also in Germany. He worked with my dad for a while and he became close to our family. And essentially my parents viewed him as a son. Matt and I were friends but became best friends when my dad got stationed in England and he did as well. We always did things together like go to concerts and drink together. In July of 2017, my dad had suggested that since we’re already best friends and have known each other forever that, when we both visit my family in September 2017 we should go on a date. So Matt had asked me if I would go on one with him and without any hesitation, I said yes! Turns out we both had crushes on each other the past few years but neither of us had done anything because I felt the age gap would bother him and he felt I wasn’t into him that way. Matt is now stationed in New Mexico and I’m stationed in Utah, but he has flown out here a few times and visited me and spent our first

holidays together as a couple and not just friends. On January 5th, 2018, I had planned a photo shoot to be done with Gabby and her husband because I wanted to support her business since I went to high school with Gabby in England. He proposed to me at Antelope Island with the most beautiful ring! We are getting married April 14, 2018, and I can definitely say being in a relationship with your best friend is the best feeling.

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how they asked

I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful girl since my Freshman year of high school. We met while we were both living in England, and although we have not lived in the same area since living in England, we have still stayed in contact. Vista wanted to support our business, so she scheduled to have a shoot with Hunter & myself. Luckily, her boyfriend Matt was also visiting that week so the timing worked out perfectly for them to have a couples shoot.

We decided that we were going to shoot at Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon in Utah, which worked out perfectly for us because we were staying in southern Utah the day before. Hunter & I were so excited! I had heard a lot of awesome things about that location, and I was so stoked to finally see it in person.

On our way to the location, Matt sent us a message and told us that he planned to propose to Vista during the photoshoot. He envisioned her looking away into the scenery and while her back was turned he would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him. As soon as I read the message, I knew that I wanted to record the moment (in addition to getting lots of pictures). We were excited about the shoot before, but after reading that message, we were SO, SO excited to get there and start planning out the perfect spot for them.

We get to where the GPS took us and realized there were no signs or anything that indicated American Fork Canyon or Tibble Fork was near. I was starting to get worried. It was already 3:15 pm and we were scheduled for a 4:00 pm session. I had sent Vista a screenshot of where the GPS wanted us to go, and she replied with a screenshot of where her GPS took them… It turns out that the real location was nearly two hours SOUTH of where we were. I was devastated. Especially knowing that we had passed it on our way up. I knew how important this shoot was, and I knew that we couldn’t just go anywhere to take these pictures. At this point, I was in panic mode.

I immediately all Vista, and luckily she was so sweet about my GPS crisis. We decided to meet at Antelope Island instead. We put the directions to the island in our GPS, and it said it was an hour and a half away. I was still really on edge because it was getting late. But, somehow, some way, we got there within the hour and oh my goodness. This location was breathtaking and the lighting was incredible. This truly was a little miracle. We even got there before them, allowing me time to grab some really beautiful footage of the landscape.

From the moment we started shooting, these two were so natural behind the camera! All of the stress and worry about lighting and locations completely left my mind. Every picture was just so sweet and full of raw emotion. After a few shots by the water, we went up to a place that had lots of beautiful rocks. As soon as I saw that the rocks lead up a hill, I knew that was going to be the perfect place for Matt to propose. While Vista was in the restroom I quickly asked Matt what he thought about proposing up on the rocks, and he happily agreed. This was it. He was about to propose!

As we were making our way up the rocks I had them stop a few times to take some pictures. While we were stopped, we turned and looked at each other. I asked them a few things they love about the other. Their responses were so heartwarming. We then continued on and made it completely up against the rocks. I had Vista look out at the beautiful sunset, while I took some pictures of her. I then turned my camera on record and asked her to slowly turn around so I could get a really good shot of her profile. As she turned her head back, she saw him on his knee. She was SO surprised! Her reaction was so sweet. I am so grateful that we were able to capture this moment for them. I am so excited for their journey together! The love they have for each other is undeniable. It was such a blast spending time with them!

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