Vishnell and Benny

How We Met

Benny and I met in October of 2017. We met on a Sunday Funday at Jue Lan Club. My friends and I were celebrating Halloween. He was out for a friend’s birthday. I remember speaking to a few guys and having fun and not thinking anything of it. I was very much in the “I’m single and just want to have a good time” stage. Benny and I locked eyes and he looked at me up and down. Now, it’s important to know that I was dressed as Hugh Hefner and my girlfriends were my playboy bunnies. Benny approaches me and says “I see who the Queen B is and you look like my future wife!” Usually, I would think “Um, Corny!” However, something about the way he said it and the way those blue eyes looked at me, I couldn’t help but smile. He continued with some jokes and I thought he was so funny. He set himself apart because he kept making me laugh and feel relaxed. Where other guys wanted to stand on tables show off what they were wearing or how many bottles were at the table. Benny was just unapologetically himself. My girlfriends couldn’t believe that I was being so friendly and kept asking if I was sure I wanted to continue talking to him. They even tried to convince me not to speak to him! Side note: they all love him now and are glad I didn’t listen to them. I felt like it was just him and me at that place. We exchanged numbers but I quickly reminded myself that I wasn’t looking for anything and this was just a guy I met. Fast forward, as we went on dates we both quickly discovered neither of us wanted a relationship and this was meant to just be fun. So as cliche as it is, we did find each other when we least expected it. We were both on a journey to find ourselves and love ourselves because of our past relationships and heartbreak. We both endured enough and were committed to the relationships we were creating with our own selves. We both wanted to be better people and focus on healing. That led to both of us to fall in love. We both knew that everything in life we had been through prepared us for this. For us. Our love story. I would go through all the pain over and over to be right here. I always say Benny is my ultimate prize. He was my trophy in this long road of abuse, hurt, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and loss. He is my happily ever after. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was special. I woke up on that rainy October 29, 2017, not even sure if I wanted to go out. I dragged myself there and it was because I was meant to meet my soulmate. Everything now makes sense. My journey to find love and my partner in life.

How They Asked

Benny had told me we had a gala event on October 4, 2019. Benny reached out to my hair salon and made sure they had fit me in for an appointment that day. He had my hairstylist and the makeup artist in on this secret. I would have never thought that he would pull that off. They helped glam me up for my proposal while I had absolutely no idea. When I met him in the city, we grabbed a drink at Morton’s Steakhouse nearby. Benny kept saying how nervous he was because this was a huge gala event with very important people that would be there. I still thought nothing of this.

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As we walked into the building, the man at the front desk asked if we were here for the rooftop gala event and gave us a key. I was still clueless. We got to the rooftop and as soon as Benny opened the door I heard music. I heard our song playing and I lost it. Then I walked into this beautiful setup. I remember I just couldn’t stop crying. All I could think was how in the world did I get this lucky. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find a man like my man. He put so much thought into the songs the guitarist would play. So much thought into how I would love and getting the perfect photographer to capture the moments. He did it all for me. And of course my ring. My dream ring! I am reminded of how amazing my man is because he listens to everything I want.

Special Thanks

Ash Fox
 | Photographer