Vishakha and Somain

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How We Met

We met online through some mutual family friends trying to set us up. We both were quite reluctant about this but went along with it nonetheless. Somain lived in Adelaide and I in Sydney. He texted me for the first time and we decided to have a chat. He says he found me very talkative while I found him rather shy. Our families encouraged us to have another conversation. I texted him and that evening we texted for hours. We spoke again the next day and then the day after that.

We met for the first time, a month later. We knew that we liked each other and had become good friends. Somain flew down to Sydney and I went to pick him up at the airport and surprised him with a bouquet. We went for lunch and I dropped all my cutlery on the floor. After that, it was just natural and the attraction was instant. He flew to Sydney and I flew down to Adelaide multiple times after that, we started our long-distance

How They Asked

During our pre-wedding shoot, he had planned the most beautiful proposal. When we walked out of the car, I saw a white carpet leading up to an easel. On either side of the white carpet, were flowers and our pictures in photo frames. Behind the easel, was the sea view, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the skyline. On the board, were written the words – ‘Will You Marry Me?’ It was the most beautiful and unexpected proposal!!

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