Viroselie and Daniel | Summit Proposal

How We Met: Danny and I met almost 9 years ago while in high school in a child care class, a class that neither of us really chose, we just ended up in. In this class we became friends and nothing more than that. It wasn’t until we started college that we reconnect and felt that there was something more than a friendship brewing and so our relationship began.

Fast-forward to today, we have shared many timeless moments together, moments that were never overshadowed by deep valleys we had to overcome through faith in an idea that we were no ordinary couple, but instead a pair destined to live a world of highs and lows in order to write an unwritten story of love and adventure.

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how they asked: Danny is someone with a great sense of adventure and I am someone who loves to travel and experience new things. Mixing both these qualities we have been blessed to travel to a couple of amazing places.

On July 2, 2013, during our 8 year anniversary dinner we discussed possibly traveling to Ecuador in December. This would be my second time in Ecuador, the first being in 2011 when I went with Danny to meet his family and the country he was born in. The second time, however, would be a bit more adventurous. You see Danny is a mountain climbing enthusiast and he was really excited to have me experience a bit of this extreme climbing for myself.

So after much convincing and some intense training, there we were 6 months later, 1,800 miles from home, fighting the altitude, exhaustion, and extreme conditions. It was 6:22 A.M. and we had finally reached the 15,696Ft. summit of the volcano Guagua Pichincha after an almost 3 hour freezing climb. After celebrating the conquest with the guide and Cristy, my future sister-in-law, Danny asked Cristy to take a picture of us both as we look into the sun rising above the clouds (an absolutely incredible site to see).

As we are posing with our backs to the camera I see Danny pull out a box from his pocket and get down on one knee. Yes, my heart skipped a beat, maybe more than one. He expressed his love by sharing his personal prayer for me and our marriage and placed the ring on my (frozen) finger.

In that moment every ounce of exhaustion, every struggle I faced getting to that summit was lifted off of me. It made me realize that with everything I face in this life, every struggle, summit, accomplishment, or conquest, I would not want anyone else but Danny by my side forever.

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