Viridiana and Bradly

Wedding Proposal Ideas in windansea In La Jolla

How They Asked

My partner asked me in this amazing spot in La Jolla called windansea beach in a palapa, that day he created a day of first, he took me the first place we had breakfast together were we had our first kiss and we ended up on the place where we had our first day (in La Jolla), I thought we were going to have some pictures taken near the beach for his company so I was complaining a little bit because I ended walking up down the beach in heels (believe me it was hard! But managed to do so).

He started saying that he wanted to create more memories with me and more firsts times with me, he got down in one knee and I thought he was tying his shoelaces so I didn’t understand what was going on !! (As you can see in the pictures) Until he popped the question and I immediately started crying I saw this amazing ring!! (The ring of my dreams) and he said so that’s a yes and immediately said YES!!

Where to Propose in windansea In La Jolla

And then out of nowhere my brother in law pops out from the bushes and said congrats ( he was the person who took are pictures ) and thanks to him we have these amazing pictures.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in windansea In La Jolla

And that’s our story!