Virginie and Simon

How We Met

We met through our moms, back in 2007. I failed my driver license test, the written one, and my mom gossiped about it to Simon’s mom. He was nice enough to send me a CD with tests on it, so I could pass my exam the next time. He gave it to his mom who ave it to mine. I said ”well can I have his email to thank him”? In 2007, MSN Messenger was the thing. So I added him on MSN, we chatted a few minutes, he opened his webcam (hey, it was cool back then) and it was love at first sight. Through the webcam, I just knew it. We began dating a few months after and we now have been together for almost 8 years.

how they asked

Image 1 of Virginie and Simon

Simon had rented the “Cupid Capsule” at the London Eye. We were on a trip to London (for a few days) and then off to Scandinavia. But London is simply my favorite city ever and it was my birthday in two days. One night he said we’re going on the London Eye, something I had never had the courage to do because I’m a little scare of heights, but wished to do. I was really surprised to see that we were alone in our cabin, but then he said ”happy birthday” and I believed him! A glass of champagne in my hand and my camera in the other, I was happily enjoying what I tought was my birthday gift. I was taking pictures of Big Ben and the parliament (my favorite sight ever) and he said ”I’ll be back I’ll fill up your glass”. But then he asked me to turn around and there he was, on his knee. I don’t remember a thing, but apparently I said yes!

Image 2 of Virginie and Simon