Virginia and Justin

How We Met: Justin and I met around 4.5 years ago at work. One day I was catching up with another colleague over the phone and had mentioned to her that there was a gorgeous looking guy in the office. As Justin sat in the corner of the office I wasn’t able to find out his name, so I decided to have a look at the floor seating plan to find out his name and told my colleague his name was Justin – turns out she had previously worked with him.

Turns out this lovely colleague of mine had gone and mentioned to Justin what I thought of him. This got us chatting to each other and before you know it we were heading out after work for dinner and drinks. From then onwards everything else just fell into place one after another and the relationship felt so effortless and right!

how they asked: We had been planning our 3 week trip to the U.S. for about 6 or so months. I had spent countless hours leading up to this trip doing research on all the places we wanted to see and visit. I was having a bad day one day and Justin dropped a surprise to cheer me up. He told me he had booked us a helicopter ride around LA as a sign of his appreciation to me for organising the entire trip.

It was our second day in LA and we were exhausted from the 20+ hours of travelling to get us here and to top it off the weather was miserable and wet. We arrived at the airport lounge awaiting our flight departure. The booking before us had just come back from their tour and they had also just got engaged. At this point in time Justin had thought I caught onto what was going to happen – little did he know I was clueless to it all!

The pilot for our tour came over and introduced himself and mentioned that as the weather was so bad we wouldn’t be going as far out as we normally would be. The same videographer from the previous tour had also dropped by and said hi and that she would be joining us on our flight today to do some videos for marketing for her company.

Image 1 of Virginia and Justin

The original plan was to stop on a hilltop in Malibu overlooking the ocean at sunset for the proposal. We ended up stopping on top of a building overlooking Downtown LA. At this point in time I still had no idea that my life was about to change! The pilot had left us as he was ‘going downstairs to check in with security’. Justin then got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I couldn’t stop crying and only then did I realise everyone else knew what was going on. The pilot then came back with a table, cake and some champagne for us to celebrate with. To this day I still cant believe I’m going to be marrying the love of my life. Words cannot describe how I felt that day and still feel now.

Proposal planner: Heart Bandits