Vintage Engagement Rings by Trumpet & Horn

Vintage Engagement Ring

Pop quiz! Aside from being incredibly fabulous & timeless beauties, what do celebrities Kate Moss, Megan Fox, Miranda Lambert, & Christina Applegate all have in common? Answer! They wear vintage or vintage-inspired engagement rings!

We think it’s an incredibly stunning choice, and we’ve really never met a vintage ring we didn’t love – especially vintage rings by Trumpet & Horn. They have a carefully-curated collection (and one of the best collections in the world, if you ask us) of vintage engagement rings and antique jewelry for the modern, one-of-a-kind woman. We’ve picked a few of our absolute favorites to share with you and would love to hear which are your favorites too!

Vintage Engagement Rings


Trumpet and HornNot only are these rings elegant, stunning & completely unique, but they are super affordable! The average wedding ring costs $5,200, and 3 of the 5 above are below that price. And what’s more? Trumpet & Horn offers “Surprise Me” rings which are vintage-inspired knot rings in silver ($150), gold ($800), or oxidized silver ($175) that hold the place of the “real” ring during the proposal. This ensures that the proposal is a surprise but still lets the bride-to-be pick her actual engagement ring. You can also use Trumpet & Horn’s exchange program to receive a credit towards the next ring. It’s the most ingenius idea ever!

Surprise Proposal Ring


Trumpet & Horn also offers Fine Jewelry:


There’s something for everyone, so head over to Trumpet & Horn to glam up your jewelry box or send your soon-to-be fiance over to pick out your stunning engagement ring! You can also follow them on Pinterest (you’ll find yourself pinning everything they put up!).