Vinita and Sachin

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How We Met

I’ve always thought I would follow a more modern love story. You know, where you meet your future spouse in person- through friends or family or even at a bar. But I met him online on an Indian matrimonial site in January this year (2018). My parents and his sister Tina and brother in law Naren managed our profiles and actually found us. They reached out to each other and had talked over the phone a few times and met as they all live in Atlanta coincidentally. Online was my preferred way of meeting someone. You can select certain filters such as age, height etc and then get pages and pages of potentials that meet your criteria. You have the added benefit of meeting potentials in not just your local area but worldwide too.

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Well that’s exactly what happened. Sachin lives in India and I in the US. We spent the first four months talking to each other via phone- WhatsApp video calls, texts and the normal calls everyday. Though we didn’t get the opportunity to meet in person, I certainly felt I got to know him so well throughout our long amazing conversations. During these months, he romantically surprised me with numerous gifts: chocolates, flowers, notes, cakes and even a beautiful gown which was totally unexpected. He instantly took my breath away and I fell in love. Not because of the gifts but because he always made me feel special and showed he really cared about me. Even though he was on the other side of the world, I felt as though we were always holding hands. ❤

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As days, months were passing by, we were growing more and more fond of each other. At that point, it only made sense to meet. On April 14, my parents and I booked a last minute trip to India and so did Tina & Naren.

My parents and I reached India the next day, 4/15. The following day, 4/16, was when Sachin and I finally met. Were we excited, anxious and had butterflies in our stomachs? Yes, yes and yes. It’s a big deal to fly across the world to meet someone.. and hope that you click just as well in person as you do over the phone. I definitely had butterflies. ?

When I first laid my eyes on Sachin, I straight away noticed his height- a modelesque 6-footer. Being that I’m tall for an Indian girl, I always wanted to meet a tall guy. He already checked off the other, more important, boxes.. caring, loving, driven, educated, family-oriented etc etc etc…. his height was an added bonus! ?

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Anyway, I digress. Meeting him in person was a synch. In person he’s very calm and easy going- traits you can’t really figure out over the phone. His sweetness and charm melted my heart even more. Not surprisingly, this gentleman had more surprises planned in the next couple of days.. from seeing Bollywood celebrity homes, getting me another gown, flowers, chocolate, boat rides. What can I say, I was swept off my feet (and still am). And this time, we got to hold hands. ☺

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how they asked

We spent all of 4/16 and 4/17 together and got a better feel of our personalities and clicked even more. On 4/18, he told me casually that we’re going to have dinner at the Taj (which I later find out is a 5-star hotel.. whoa!) He asked me to wear the gown he got me and to meet him directly at the hotel. A nice gown. A nice dinner. A nice hotel. Ok so I had a hunch he was going to ask but still kept expectations low. ? My parents came with me to the hotel and when we got there around 7:30p, Sachin was standing at the top of the stairs alongside his brother in law Naren. He was suited up and really looked like prince charming. I climbed the stairs and just fell in his arms. We were just so happy to see each other and hugged for a long time. We all went inside and took many pictures in the hotel lobby.

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After the picture-taking, we all separated- my parents and Naren went for dinner and Sachin & I headed for the rooftop restaurant.. beautiful with spectacular views of the ocean. ?

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Throughout the course of dinner, I was surprised with a dozen red roses and a chocolate cake that said “Love you Vini” on it. The sweetest and most delicious cake I’ve ever had.. let’s not kid ourselves haha. I kept my glasses off for all of dinner because he hired photographers to take pictures throughout and I didn’t want my glasses on. So off they were. Anyway, next to the cake was the tiny velvet box that every woman dreams of seeing. After cutting and eating a sliver of the cake, Sachin grabs the box and opens it. I had to look closely since I didn’t have my glasses on. When I saw the ring, I again went straight for the hug. He whispered sweet things in my ear saying he will always be there for me and take care of me throughout our life. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. ❤❤❤

After that night, I could hardly sleep. I was just so happy. It was so surreal. I never knew my love story would be written like this – traditional where my parents found the boy for me. I’ve truly never been happier. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my Sachin.

Sachin, I’m sure you’re reading this.. love you! ?

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