Vincenza and Vincenza

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I moved to DC in the summer of 2015 and I met Moody for the first time on September 6th, 2015. He walked up to me, hand in a cast, and declared, “I broke my hand.” We made light conversation, not thinking much of the weird guy with the broken hand who approached me in the hallway, and went back to work. We kind of fell in love over State Department instant message without realizing it. We talked from the minute we walked into work until the minute we left, sharing deep secrets, dreams, asking eachother probing questions, challenging eachother. In October, I walked up to his office and met his eyes and for the first time was overcome with a feeling I’ve never had before. I was scared to tell him, but a week later on our first date, on a warm November night at a high school football game, I stammered “I can’t stop thinking about you.” We fell in love fast after that. And two months later, on New Years Eve at a club in downtown Washington DC, he asked me to be his girlfriend.. Two years later, we went back to that same club to celebrate my 25th birthday. My sister was there, as well as all of his friends and family. I assumed they were there for my birthday. All of a sudden, Thomas Rhett “Die a Happy Man” starts playing. I looked up in the middle of our slow dance and there was a huge sign that said “will you marry me?”. I looked back down and as the song swooned, “that red dress, brings me to my knees,” he got down on one knee, and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. The rest…well here we are :)