Vincenza and Jose

How We Met: We met at work i work for an insurance company and he works for fed ex one day he came in to the office to deliver a package and we started to talk .

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how they asked: That night it was our three year anniversary he took me out to dinner and then we had plans with family and friends to go play pool at my brother in law rooftop . I had no idea of anything , once we got to the building I needed to use the restroom , as I was going to the restroom he went to the roof. Once I was done a took the elevator with my sister to the roof , once I was getting out of the elevator there was soo many lights and candles on the floors , I was so confused , has I was walking in more and more I noticed him surrounded by Candles shaped in a heart and lots of rose peddles . He had everything planned out , and I was so happy my family and friends were there I didn’t realize it until a little while after all happened.

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