Vince and Jessica

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Las Vegas

How They Asked

I was running out of time and Jess was growing impatient…as usual. So the proposal story begins when Jess and I flew into Las Vegas on a mini-vacation. This was something we both so desperately needed. Jess has high expectations when it comes to proposal ideas so when we flew into Vegas she grew very suspicious. Jess is the love of my life and I wanted to spoil her with a vacation and kick the new year off with a bang. We’ve been together two years and this was the year to do it. I had plenty of ideas but as time went on and I kept second guessing how I was going to pop the question so I reached out for help. I searched for photographers in Vegas and found Brittany. I’d never met nor have I spoken to her but as we texted each other about ideas and the plan I knew I could trust her. So we came up with the perfect plan.

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Vince and Jessica's Engagement in Las Vegas

Vince's Proposal in Las Vegas

Only Jess was growing very impatient. Every sight and event we went to from the High Roller to the Circ I could feel the anticipation and then disappointment after the events. Every text I sent Brittany I not only risked the surprise but also my relationship because if Jess found out I was secretly texting another girl for whatever reason she’d probably literally kill me haha. It was perfect and quite entertaining for me. So there we were January 4, 2019. I coordinated to meet my secret photographer Brittany at the Bellagio Fountains. The plan was coming together and then… It got crowded. I wanted to pop the question as the fountain show was running but I could not find Brittany. Panic mode. As seconds went by and secret texts were being sent between Brittany and I adrenaline started to kick in. This is not good. I had to convince Jess to keep moving to different spots without tipping her off or causing any kind of suspicion. The fountain show went off and the plan had to change.

As Jess was distracted by the show Brittany suggested a solid plan. Meet her at the far side of the fountains and signal her with a wink. Once we make contact she would ask if she can take our photo after the show. I blessed off on the plan it and executed. It was coming together. I found Brittany and asked if she could take our photo with our phone. As I handed the “random stranger” my phone I slid the ring in between her hand and the phone. Brittany took the photo and then whipped out her professional camera. She then asked if she could take our photo and asked Jess if she could hold a prop. Brittany handed her the “prop” and Jess looked at the prop with a confused facial expression. She looked at me and I was on one knee. “Jess, will you marry me?” Her utter disbelief and shock on what was happening were too much for her to comprehend so the tears came rolling down and she said YES! The crowd goes wild and Brittany has already begun her work. Jess and I are now engaged.

Special Thanks

Brittany Loeffelholz
 | Photographer