Vince and Jessica

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How We Met

It was my sophomore year of college, a new year had just kicked off, and I was entering my second semester working as a parking service aide (PSA) in my school’s parking and transportation department. The semester prior, PSA’s were located in a completely different building, far away from the department’s central area, but as soon as the new semester began that was about to change and the entire department would work under the same roof. It didn’t take long for me to notice Vince, the events office assistant for the department. He caught my attention right away (heart eyes) and every time I clocked in for work I was secretly hoping I would catch a chance to talk to him. PSA’s were students that transported other students and faculty across campus and Vince was involved with the events that took place every day on campus, with his own office to prove it (basically… I never stood a chance with him). As a 19-year-old college girl, I never envisioned anyone older than a college senior to romantically talk to me, let alone see a serious future with me. I’m a realist and assumed an older, mature guy would never “waste his time” with a college sophomore. I knew Vince was older but I didn’t know his exact age…. which led me to social media (ahhh… every girl’s best friend). I wanted to know his age to see if I should end my secret baby crush once and for all or if I actually stand a chance! Of course, his Instagram and Facebook were private and I was stuck (sigh). My search was over and I let the idea go.

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Days went by and I was barely seeing him at work. Fast forward to a few days after the infamous search and I log onto Facebook to find one notification saying, “Vince has accepted your friend request” (WHAT!!!!) There’s no way! I must have accidentally pressed “Add Friend” while I was trying to be sneaky. I was so embarrassed, after all, he barely knew me! If you ask my closest friends, they can assure you that I am not the type of girl to send a guy I barely know a friend request. I’m just too shy and would never… ever. Of course, the deed was done and I immediately went to his birthday details (you think I forgot?), which led me to find out he was about to turn 28. He definitely looked a lot younger… and nonetheless, my realistic mentality accepted the fact that the idea of Vince and Jessica was probably never going to happen. A major event was about to happen at my school..probably one of the biggest to date, Miss Universe 2015, and my school was hosting it, which meant that Vince was about to be very busy. Whenever the department is in charge of a major event, they ask for everyone to participate and lend a helping hand (PSA’s included). I had never participated in any event and this would be the first one I would sign up for, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was a Sunday, January 25, and the department was in charge of directing all the guests to the corresponding parking spots. I didn’t expect to see Vince since he was probably running all over the place, but I secretly hoped.

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I arrived to work and immediately went to one of the parking lots to direct the incoming guests. Shortly after, I was told to leave that spot and report to the person in charge of the event (Vince’s boss). He was in the main parking garage and told me to stay on the first floor and direct the guests from one of the entrances. He thought one of the entrances was unoccupied but when I went to the first floor, there was an employee at each entrance. So, I continued walking to the other side of the garage and sure enough, guess who I see standing all alone? Yep, you guessed it. Vince. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised but tried to act cool, calm and collected. I said hi and told him the situation and how I wasn’t sure where to go. Vince was alone on the other side of the garage and told me to just stay with him and help him out… (O M G!). I simply smiled and agreed. A few cars passed by and asked him a few questions, once they were gone Vince turned to me and said….”Hey, you added me on Facebook recently, right?” I couldn’t help but laugh and nodded yes (and probably turned the color of a tomato). The event was about to begin and a few last-minute guests drove into the garage but soon, the garage was about to be pretty quiet for a few hours. The rest of the night, we talked about everything and anything, from childhood memories to lifelong goals. The conversation was smooth and effortless and before we knew it, Miss Universe 2015 had been crowned. After that night, we have been inseparable ever since and my baby crush grew into something much, much more.

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how they asked

From the very beginning of our relationship, Vince has asked me what type of ring I’d want and what type of proposal I’d want. When these questions were asked, I honestly had no idea! I knew my dislikes but I wasn’t 100% sure on how I’d want him to ask that magical question. Needless to say, the talk on marriage, kids, and careers was something we were very comfortable with. Crazy?! I know, but that’s just how our relationship was and has always been. Honest, genuine and unconditional. Soon enough, my mind wandered and a few Pinterest boards were created the more we talked about it. It became such a casual topic of conversation that even his family would chime in from time to time. I decided on my dream ring but I had no idea what type of proposal I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted it to be special (duh) and something HE would feel comfortable with. After all, it’s probably one of the most important questions Vince will ever ask. I also knew that he wanted to propose after I graduated from college, which was in May of 2017. My birthday was around the same time as my graduation (lucky him), so for my birthday he surprised me with a weekend trip to San Francisco later that August!

I was so excited and couldn’t believe it. Northern California was something we both had been dying to visit. In the moment, I didn’t think much of it but as the months got closer I couldn’t help but think “What if?” I mean, it was after my graduation, it was a perfect location, but would he do it without his family present? Was he going to wait until the end of the year? How would he even plan it? All of this was running through my mind as we got closer and closer to the trip. But at the end of the day, the thought of Vince proposing was something too surreal to even come to terms with. We had talked about it for so long, could this actually be happening? I was in denial and never let my mind convince me that this could actually be it. August 16 was the day we flew out from Miami to San Francisco. The time change was in our favor and we had plenty of time left to explore the city after we landed. That day, Vince had been acting a little off.

He was forgetful and unorganized, which is very unlike him especially when we’re traveling. I noticed it but didn’t think much of it. Actually, I thought it was pretty funny. We checked into our Airbnb and I was able to change out of my airport clothes into something cuter. We had an itinerary set (he planned it all the week prior because I was really busy with work), which worked in his favor. Vince had explained the itinerary before the trip and one of the last stops on the first day was Baker Beach. He told me he thought we should leave that spot for last so we can catch the sunset. I didn’t think anything of it because he knows I love sunsets and love taking pictures of them. I was actually really happy when he mentioned it. We reach the final stop. It’s around 7 PM and the sun is supposed to set soon. I bring down my amateur tripod and my camera so we can take some nice pictures with the bridge in the background. I know what you’re thinking, “Why not ask someone else to take the picture of you two? Why not a selfie?”


The answer is simple, my tripod was cheap and really easy to set up. I also feel bad interrupting someone else’s moment just so I can get a picture that I might not like. A tripod from Amazon is the solution. We start walking along the beach and towards the bridge. The only thing running through my mind is how COLD it is. Seriously, don’t even think about wearing a dress in August in SF. Vince seems cold too (or maybe just nervous). We keep walking and he suggests we keep going. We finally find a perfect spot with barely anyone behind us. I set up my tripod and I set the self timer. I press the button and run to him to get that perfect shot. This goes on for about 5 pictures and finally, Vince tells me to stop and hands me a blue post it…

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Greys Anatomy is my favorite show and I was able to get Vince into it shortly into our relationship. Of course, he was hooked right away and we started watching it from the very beginning (we’re currently on season 9). We’ve both fallen in love with the characters and their stories, and it’s a show we’re greatly invested in. The blue post it is something I should have recognized right away! But for some reason, I didn’t… I grab it without thinking much of it. (I was too cold to think at all) I start reading it and can’t believe what I’m reading. It’s Derek and Meredith’s post it wedding but instead of their signatures at the end, there is one empty line and one line with Vince’s signature. I immediately start smiling and say “oh my god” while the tears start rolling in.

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With a huge smile on his face, Vince gets down on one knee and asks me that magical question we had been talking about for so long! I say of course and give him the biggest kiss. As he’s still down on one knee, he points to Daniel, the photographer he hired to capture the whole thing. I was overcome with shock, joy, and happiness and couldn’t believe THIS moment was finally here. The night ended with some celebratory Mexican food near our Airbnb and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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Special Thanks

Daniel Kindra
 | Photographer