Vik and Vanisha

How We Met

We met on an Indian dating app called Dil Mil. I was attracted right when I saw her pictures. I messaged her there but didn’t get a response, so I decided to put my spy skills on and found her on Instagram and messaged her there. Surprisingly, she had deleted the Indian dating app and luckily decided to talk to me on Instagram. We talked for about 2 months and then met up for our first date at a Bubble Tea place, where we connected and talked for hours and hours, it was amazing! I knew she was special after that first date. We then started talking more and meeting more frequently, and the rest was history…

how they asked

She had been bugging me to go to Scarborough Bluffs for the longest time and I kept saying no because I wanted to propose there. So I put my research cap on, hired a wedding planner and a photographer and they made my ideas come to life. I told her to take the day off, so we could go and then I was going to surprise her. Unfortunately, it rained that day, everything got canceled and I had to reschedule. So we rescheduled for September 1st, and this time it was the weekend, so my excuse was well go in the evening when its less busy and she bought it.

Took her there and everything was ready to go and she was shocked beyond imaginable, tears came running down and the photographer and planner said it was the best thing they’d ever seen in a proposal!! Have a look at the pictures!!!

Where to Propose in Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, ON

Special Thanks

Matt Besenyodi
 | Photographer
Tanya Aro
 | Planning