A Video Proposal That Turned Live

How We Met: My fiancée Leah and I are both from Portland, Oregon. We met in Eugene, Oregon, while attending the University of Oregon.

We bumped into each other after a class we were both taking and continued talking while walking to our bus stop. Soon we realized that we both lived in the same area.

I found out that she was in my mother’s Girlchoir in Portland for two years and had heard of me but had never seen me before. Realizing how small the world was, we knew this was no coincidence.

The Proposal Story: When I started to plan my proposal, I knew I wanted to do something grand but not over the top. Leah and I both work for Portland Parks and Recreation helping with “Summer Movies in The Park.”

I knew I wanted to propose at a movie. After a year of thinking and planning, I decided that I would create a pre-movie video of me being interviewed about Leah. The video would end with me running from Shane Co. through Portland and to the park to propose.

My plan was to show the video before one of our biggest movies while Leah was making pre-movie announcements. Proposing this way allowed me to invite all her family and friends to come watch. The last shot of the video was me running up over the hill at the park. At that point, I would continue the video live by actually running down to her.

When August 2nd approached, I had filmed and edited my video and informed the movie staff involved.

Leah went to work like any normal day and as the movie was about to start, she began making announcements. We cut her microphone mid-sentence and started playing my video. Meanwhile, I was hiding in the trees at the back of the park waiting for my cue.

As I sat there and watched my bride-to-be cry, laugh, and smile, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved her. When the video finished, I ran up over the hill, down through a crowd of 4,000 people and straight to Leah. I was so nervous. I got down on one knee and asked the most amazing woman to be my wife. Everyone cheered with approval. I can’t wait to marry her.

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The Ring: The ring I chose was a 14k white gold halo style diamond ring. I chose this because I remembered Leah saying once that she liked that style. Because my proposal was a huge surprise, she and I never went ring shopping together. I had to really trust my memory of what she liked. After meeting with the wonderful staff at Shane Co. and learning all about diamonds and styles, making my decision was even easier. I was confident that Leah would love it because I loved it.

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