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How We Met

Both our parents’ were members of a Spaniard Social Club named Casa Galicia. We always knew of each other but never really socialized due to our 5 year age difference. So once I was older we started hanging out & one day we just realized there was something there.

how they asked

My family threw a big party in honor of my Grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, I helped plan all the little details and was so busy making sure everything was just right I had no idea what was going to happen. About the last hour of the party I was really enjoying myself, having some drinks and dancing with my family and of course Victor. That was when the DJ called Victor and I to the dance floor and started playing “All of Me” by John Legend. I was so confused as to why we were being called to the dance floor alone, in front of about 50 family members, and asked Victor why are we doing this? He took my hand and lead me to the dance floor. We started slow dancing and he began to list reasons why he loved me and how close we are to each others families. Once he dropped down to one knee, my jaw immediately hit the floor, and I shook my head yes, like a crazy person before he was even able to ask the question.

Afterward his parents & siblings came out from hiding, turns out my mother had planned for them to be there for the moment and my sister & him had been planning the proposal for 3 months. It was such an amazing moment to share with everyone.

Victorio and Jessica's Engagement in Grandparents' Anniversary Party

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