Victoria and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I have been friends since we were little. We grew up in our church together. We’d help each other through anything. Blind dates, break ups, job interviews, family drama, you name it. It wasn’t until a couple years ago, after my ex and I split, that I’d realized how much he meant to me and hat the feelings were mutual. He was a total gentlemen and held my hand through the pain and healing of the break up I had just gone through. After about a year of being together, we had started talking about weddings and how we envisioned ours being.

how they asked

August came around and we were getting ready for our churches annual ‘family camp’. Where we’ve spent almost every summer as kids. One day while at camp, we spent the morning at the beach, and went hiking on the sand dunes around Lake Michigan. I realized I had kept on going and Michael had stopped further back. I turned and went back until I found him, down on one knee holding a wooden heart. The heart had engraved in it, our initials, the year and ‘1C13’ – short for ‘1 Corinthians 13’, the part of the Bible that talks about love. – we nailed it onto a tree, and when the heart went up, Michael got back down on one knee and held out the ring and my sister snuck up and took pictures.

Image 1 of Victoria and Michael

I was in tears. Afterwards, we walked back down to camp where everyone had known what had happened and we got to celebrate with all of our loved ones.

Image 2 of Victoria and Michael