Victoria and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met the summer going into the eighth grade, and it was an instant connection – he quickly became the best friend I ever had. This year will mark eleven years of true friendship and love with him. Through a lot of hard work, bickering and young love, we’ve built a beautiful relationship that has been able to surpass all that has come our way. We’ve climbed many mountains and have swam many oceans together, and for that, I owe him the world. Through continuous hard work we’ve recently seen all our goals and dreams come to life (he’s coming up on his first year as a Deputy Sheriff, and after five years of full-time school and work, I graduated from college), and it is the absolute most rewarding feeling – especially because we’ve stood together through it all. We’ve talked about these moments for an entire decade and here we are: still the best of friends, lovers and each other’s number one supporters.

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It is my hope that we continue to love and grow in the same passion and honesty, and implement that into the next ninety years. I am so grateful and thankful for the man he is, as he’s loved me despite my scars and all of my crazy, and here we are…eleven years later. In the eighth grade he told me that one day he’d marry me and we’d sit on our porch in our rocking chair, old and gray, and spend our lives together.

how they asked

Well, quite recently he decided to make that come true by proposing in front of sixty of our closest family and friends during my graduation party. Life with him has always been pretty great, but things shifted when my dreams of marrying him turned into reality, and now life is even sweeter. Some people search their whole lives to find what I’ve found in Matthew, but like everything in life, some things are just meant to be. And every time I’m with him, it’s made clear that we’re truly meant to.

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