Victoria and Jason

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How We Met

It all started clear back in 1994 when I (Victoria) was the new kid in sixth grade. As I tried to fit in with this small class of kids that had all grown up together, I also had noticed Jason, the cute boy in class. As we continued through middle school and high school, we never associated with one another or hung out in the same groups, we each lived completely separate lives and failed to get to know one another, despite having some classes together, having friends in common, and graduating together in 2001. I still always had a crush on Jason but was always too shy to say anything and Jason has his own smart-ass story as to why he never asked me out (honestly, just never got to know me).

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Fast forward to 2011, two months before their10-year high school reunion, Jason and I reconnected through Facebook and started debating on which location had the best karaoke. After agreeing to each check out the others karaoke spot and having fun kinda catching up and trying to know one another, I won that discussion and Jason asked me out on an official date. It’s been non stop since then and we have fallen madly in love. Even all the cliches of being with your best friend are true! From the sixth grade to now, it was always meant to be. We have shared adventures across the continent and globally, and now we are about to embark on their most exciting adventure yet.

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how they asked

Jason’s proposal speech: “When we met in the 6th grade, I never dreamt this is where we would be today. But now I know this is where we belong. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

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The proposal story: I was headed into town to do some Christmas shopping with Christy, Jason’s mom. So Jason, knowing that my first stop would be Dutch Bros (obviously), made sure his mom would have me drive and then he had his brother drive him into town and drop him off at Dutch Bros ahead of time.

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When I pulled up to the coffee stand and ordered my drink, all seemed normal, and the baristas even went through the motions of making my tea. Suddenly, Jason steps up to the inside of the window.

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With my tea already made in a keepsake mug, the words “will you marry me” written across the lid, and a ring hanging on the straw Jason got down on one knee and popped the question.

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Although you can’t hear what Jason says very well, the video is still great! The love, surprise, and feelings are still apparent! Huge thanks to Dutch Bros for helping with the proposal and capturing our amazing moment!!

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