Victoria and Daniel

How We Met

We met at a Valentines day concert at Soundgarden Music Hall on Feb 14th 2014. Both went with a group of friends to avoid Valentines day. Our eyes met across the room and I ended up giving him my number. We have talked non stop everyday since.

how they asked

On New Years eve we had plans to go to a local low key restaurant, nothing fancy. About an hour before we were supposed to leave, as I was getting ready Dan told me to get a little more dressed up as we were going into Philadelphia. I complied and got very dolled up. We left the house were driving down the street when Dan said SUPRISE. We were at our favorite restaurant right down the street from our apartment. We walked into CHARCOL and there was a bouquet of red roses on “our table” with a card. we picked our entrees and chit chatted as we waited. The first course came out and in my bowl was a spoon where as Dan’s didn’t have one. He asked me why I was the special one, I had no idea. I looked closer at the spoon and it had an engraving on Will You Marry Me? Tears ensued and of course I said YES!

Image 1 of Victoria and Daniel

Image 2 of Victoria and Daniel

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Special Thanks

Charcol restaurant
 | arranged the proposal