Victoria and Tyler

how they asked

I thought something might be up when his sister in law asked me to get my nails done two weeks in advance. I quickly let it go because I didn’t think there was anyway it would be happening yet. Not that we weren’t ready to be married, it just felt like we weren’t where we needed to be yet. But let’s be real, that is such a worldly perspective. We won’t ever really be ready if that’s our mindset- but Jesus doesn’t need perfect timing or conditions. The day approached and we got our nails done.

Tyler and I were going on a date to my favorite restaurant that night- so it was a really good day. I get in the car and again thought something might be up but tried not to get my hopes up. I figured if he did it, it would be at his parent’s land somewhere, so when we passed their road I knew it wasn’t happening. Next thing I know he’s turning on the next back road. There’s a beautiful oak tree in a hay field across from his parent’s house. I’m a photographer and he is always asking me why I don’t do a session at this oak tree that I love so much.

Image 1 of Victoria and Tyler

My answer was always the same- it’s too personal to us. That oak tree is what I think of when I think of Townville and his parent’s house. After turning on the back road, he played it off like we were going to look at it to see how I would do a session there. We parked and walked what felt like a mile through hay just to get to the tree.

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At that point, I pretty much knew what was happening, but it still felt so surreal. He told me that two years ago he took me on a date and came home and told his mom he was going to marry me.

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After that I can’t remember what else was said. After a few minutes of soaking it all in one of his good friends jumps out from behind a hay bail. Josh is an amazing photographer (obviously) and we were so honored to have him there.

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We then walked across the street to his parent’s house where 30 of our closest friends were ready to celebrate with us- some driving as far as 3 and 4 hours just to be there.

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We’ve dreamed of being married for quite some time now and that night couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

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Special Thanks

Josh Wilson
 | Photographer