Pumpkin Proposal; A Fall-Inspired Marriage Proposal


Tyler and I had been dating for coming up on 6 years, and he proposed to be 2 days before our 6th anniversary (it was supposed to be on our anniversary, but Hurricane Sandy came along last year), The fall was always “our season” – he asked me to be his girlfriend in the fall, he played football and I was on the cheerleading team in the fall, we loved pumpkin picking and haunted houses – it was just our thing. So my adorable fiancé thought up the most perfect fall proposal.

He and two of his friends took 8 hours out of their lives and carved “Will you marry me?” into pumpkins! Tyler had his best friend and my best friend set up the pumpkins on hay at our favorite lake, with candles lit up in the pumpkins as well as around them.


Tyler told me we were going out to a fancy dinner (so I would be dressed in my favorite dress, what a great idea!) and then rather than making the turn for the restaurant we pulled into our lake. We walked around the whole lake and the whole time he was telling me beautiful things, and then I see it. Will you marry me lit up in pumpkins and by the time I had time to scream Tyler was on one knee. All he could get out was “will you marry me” before I tackled him with a hug. After the normal kissing and gawking at my beautiful (dream) ring I said OMG I have to call my mom, and he said no you don’t there she is! He had our families there! AND a photographer catching everything! I know every girl thinks her proposal is the best… but mine is perfect to me!




Fall_Marriage_Proposal_2997 IMG_2897 Fall_Marriage_Proposal_2898 Fall_Marriage_Proposal_2992