Victoria and Trevor

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How We Met

When God Writes Your Lovestory

One day you find yourself praying to the lord that you seek answers, salvation, and find comfort in loving yourself.

Our story begins on an August plane ride to Chicago. In August 2019 I hopped on a plane to Chicago on a business trip with my Co-Worker. The business trip was company-wide training for newly hired analysts across the entire company. We were split into different training classes based on our industry sector, so I was placed in the Real Estate sector. I remember not looking forward to this company-wide training, because A) we would be sitting in classroom settings all week and B) I was always from all of my friends for two full weekends and one workweek. One day I took my seat in-classroom training and I had a friend that I met on one side, and a total stranger on the other side. I was not feeling like paying attention, so the logical thing to do was to pull out my phone and surf tinder. Unfortunately for me, we had a test afterward that required me to know the material, and I was out of luck. I turned to the man sitting next to me, hoping to pull out some charm and ask for some help with my model. He reluctantly helped me as I am assuming he saw me on tinder for half of the class. I attempted to make small talk with him because I found his southern accent quite charming. The next day I quietly admired this southern mystery man from the other side of the classroom. When training was done, all of the analysts decided to go out to the bars to celebrate a long week being done. This was my chance, and I knew that I wanted to get to know this man even more. I remember he ordered a Jollie Rancher drink, and I thought he was instantly even cooler. I asked for some, and stupidly drank right from his straw without even thinking and then proceeded to sit right next to him again.

After a few minutes of conversation, we connected instantly. We decided to walk back to the training center, and he spoke of all the wonderful things he would do for his future girlfriend if he had one. At that moment, the Lord told me that this man was my future husband and it was love at first sight for me. When we returned back to the training center, we sat by a fire and talked for literal hours. All-time was lost and comforting conversations were to be had. I knew that this man was my person and that I could not let him go. When I left Chicago the next morning, a piece of my heart was left there and I knew that my better half was currently flying to Atlanta. It took two weeks before I made the decision that I needed to go and visit him. I booked an immediate plane ticket for 5 days and patiently waited. I remember being scared of getting into something that was so unfamiliar such as international long distance. Normally, I am the first person to worry about everything. But my heartfelt so protected and I always knew where I stood in the eyes of my southern gentleman.

When I got to Atlanta, I was worried that It was going to not meet my expectations after weeks of loving texts and long face time calls. The next day, we went to Alabama on-site inspection for work. Holding his hand in Alabama instantly allowed me to see a future, and filled my heart with love. My first trip to Atlanta was incredible, and I remember leaving feeling heartbroken and incomplete. I got into the airport, and all I could do was cry and think about the wonderful memories that we had just made. That morning after he dropped me off, he booked a trip to Toronto to see me in 3 weeks and work from our office. I returned back to Toronto, and 3 weeks passed. We fell so madly in love, so fast, and so raw. This southern gentleman became the love of my life, and the fire fueled my soul. We soon built a flight plan to see each other every 5-10 days, and at most 10 days. We made compromises with our finances to see each other and cut out other things that we did not need to make it happen affordably because being without each other was just too painful. We had to take late-night Friday night flights to avoid missing any corporate work time, spent countless hours in airports, flight delays, cancelations, and even a 24-hour visit. Why? Because that’s what you do when you love someone with all of your heart when you love someone with no conditions. I knew after a few months of dating, that this man was my future husband and I would do anything for him.

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April 25, 2020 my dreams were made my reality. My southern gentleman got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Well, if he had asked me the first night I met him I would have given him the same exact answer; YES.


You see, when you sit BACK and let GOD write your love story, you would be amazed at what he will write for you and who he will put in your life. I had to let go and stop controlling my life to find what I really needed. True love happens when you least expect it and when you are not controlling the situation. God wrote Trevor and me a beautiful love story and lead us to each other. When we both stopped looking for love and looking for answers, he spoke to us and lead us down the path to one another. Love is such a beautiful and raw emotion. True love, unconditional love, is something that cannot be bought nor found when you are looking for it. It blinds you by surprise and challenges every core of your body. True love is not supposed to be easy. The lord is constantly challenging you, but when you listen to him and allow him to take control he will deliver the most precious gift.

Trevor Dunn, you are the love of my life, and I thank god EVERYDAY for giving me you. He not only gave me love, but he gave me my best friend and partner for life. He gave me home because with you I am always home. 900 miles is nothing when I have you to see at the end of it.

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How They Asked

Trevor brought me to my favorite spot to take photos for my blog. I knew we were going to be getting engaged soon because he actually took me to pick out my engagement ring. I had no idea he was going to propose at the spot I always take photos at. He came in and gave me a gentle hug, and at that moment I knew he was proposing.

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