Victoria and Todd

Proposal Ideas In Chilili, new mexico

My family has a big matanza every year after thanksgiving, (a matanza is where we butcher pigs for the year for meat for the family). Anybody who knows me knows my family is a big deal to me!! I had no knowledge of what he was up to, when his family slowly showed up i was a little skeptical (because they never come to our family matanza) then about 15 minutes later, my dad gathers everyone around for prayer before lunch, then he says “go ahead todd” so i stand there blank thinking he was going to lead us in prayer, then he turns to me and says “you know i love you and i love delilah very much” my heart stopped!! I freaked!! I got shakey and started looking around at my family and him as hes pulling a ring out. He is very chakey and crying. My family is loud so i could barely hear him!! I did hear him say “will you marry me?” In all the comotion. I was at a loss for words! I shook my head yes!! The man who i had been wanting to be with for uears just asked me to marry him!! My life is coming together as i really wanted it to be!! I couldnt have imaged in a million years that id get the chance to marry him!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In Chilili, new mexico