Victoria and Ted

how they asked

The Spring Break of March 2017, Ted and Victoria went to Arizona to visit Victoria’s brother and sister-in-law. They saw Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, went on a water rafting tour through the bottom of Horseshoe Bend, attended a Cub’s spring training game, played Top Golf, hung out with Victoria’s in-laws and her brother’s friends, and hiked Hole in the Rock. The second to last day of their vacation was the day that changed everything. Victoria planned a day for them at Lake Pleasant to ride jet skies on the lake and dune buggies around the lake’s trails. Around midday they grabbed lunch at a cute little restaurant on the lake before heading to the dune buggies. After spending a few hours off roading they rushed off to get dressed. Earlier that morning, Ted had Victoria pack a nice outfit for a surprise he had planned later. We rushed to find a bathroom to change and get cleaned up in where Ted drove across an active, dirt landing strip. They used the old bathrooms to wipe off the sand and dust using the sink and paper towels.

They arrived at the Regency-Hyatt where Ted took Victoria to the bar for them to mingle and have a drink before the sunset. After their drinks they headed to the gondola rides where Marcus was waiting for to take them out on the water. While out on the water Marcus had a little surprise of his own for the couple. He sang an Italian love song in a deep bellowing voice that gained the attention of the people on land. When Marcus had finished Ted told Victoria to stand up because he “thought he saw something in the water”. It was then that Ted reached into his pocket and dropped to one knee in the gondola. As he looked up to ask Victoria to marry him, he noticed her hands go to her face hiding a big smile and watery eyes. Little to Victoria’s knowledge, Ted hired a photographer to blend in back on land to capture the magical moment. As Marcus steered them closer to the photographer the new couple waived and posed for a couple of photos. Back on shore the photographer took several photos with them showing off Victoria’s new ring. Shortly after that the couple then led to go break the news to the rest of their family who was aware of the surprise and awaiting anxiously.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hyatt Scottsdale Arizona

Special Thanks

Peter Jordan
 | Photographer