Victoria and Steven

How We Met

I competed for the title of Miss Virginia many times, and throughout that process, I grew to love so many photographers and the passion behind their work. I never wanted to BE a photographer :) but I wanted to keep supporting them, even post-pageant life. When “lifestyle photoshoots” became the new “glamour headshot”, I fell in love with my friend Taylor McKay’s work! Steven attended a few of my shoots with her, and they are some of my favorite photos to date.

How They Asked

One day, Steven told me he had gotten Taylor booked to document us closing on our new home! I thought it was the sweetest gesture ever, like “Aw! More canvas photos to hang around the house!” Little did I know he had been planning something SO much more. He may not have remembered what he had planned to say when he finally got down on one knee, but the consecutive “I love you so much… like so much”’s while he was trying to sneakily reach in his back pocket were obviously MORE than enough. For those of you that don’t know, Steven and I met 9 years ago during our undergrad at The University of Virginia. He played baseball and I was one of the feature baton twirlers during the football season. We dated for a few months and then ultimately decided to part ways. He went on to date other people and so did I, but then a couple of years ago God stepped in to return us back to one another after so much personal and spiritual growth.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On the front porch of our new home!

Where to Propose in On the front porch of our new home!

Proposal Ideas On the front porch of our new home!

It’s crazy how this whole thing turned out, but I wouldn’t change one single second. After he proposed, I opened our front door to find our families inside with gifts, adorable decorations, and ALL the hugs! Steven had our small night catered too! All in all, the best day of my life thus far. I am one lucky girl!

Special Thanks