Victoria and Stephen

How We Met: Stephen and I started dating 9 years ago today (9/14/2006)! We first met in 2004 in high school where we had a health class together. Although we were both dating other people at the time, he still remembers what I was wearing the first time we met. Two years later, during the last semester of the Steve’s senior year we had a study hall together.

Image 1 of Victoria and Stephen

I remember him bringing a hologram CD to show me one day that you had to hold up and look through – that was the first time we held hands. That September he planned a surprise trip to Tommy’s Island, a small island off the coast of Owls Head, ME. We were sitting on the island by a fire when he asked me be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since! Two years later we moved to CT for college and to begin our professional careers. (The first picture below is at my senior prom in 2008, and the second picture was taken less than one week after we started dating).

Image 2 of Victoria and Stephen

how they asked: In 2013, our 7 year anniversary was approaching and someone had asked when we were going to tie the knot. Jokingly we said that we were going to wait for the big 1-0. Later that night I brought it back up to Steve, and we had “the talk” about our lives and our future together. About a month later, he took me to Block Island for a surprise trip for our anniversary.

I had no clue what to expect. He had everything planned out, and made sure to ask my mom and grandfather for their blessing prior to our trip. When we arrived on the island we went to the hotel to freshen up, and he had arranged for a taxi to pick us up and take us to Grace Cove, a small, deserted beach on the west side of the island. He specifically picked this beach because I am a sunset fanatic, and he brought champagne and glasses to the beach with us.

We had the entire beach to ourselves, and drank champagne and watched the sunset (the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen), and then as the sunset was fading, he said a quote from our all-time favorite show, How I Met Your Mother, “This weekend is going to be legend, wait for it,” and then he got down on one knee!

Image 3 of Victoria and Stephen

He had arranged for the taxi to pick us up after the sunset, and he took me to dinner at a beautiful restaurant. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating on the island. Our wedding is set for 2016, in celebration of our 10 year anniversary! Of course it will be on the water since we started dating and got engaged on an island! Pictures of our engagement sunset below:

Image 4 of Victoria and Stephen