Victoria and Shaan

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How We Met

Just over four years ago in Phoenix, AZ, Shaan and I met on the infamous Tinder. We both were fresh out of relationships so when I was driving to our first date I told myself that I couldn’t fall for him too quickly. That definitely didn’t happen. The moment I saw Shaan, I knew that it was going to be something special. A couple days later we went on our second date, neither of us wanted it to end so we kept thinking of more places to go to. We got drinks in downtown Phoenix, then more drinks on Mill Avenue, then we ended up at a late night sushi restaurant.

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When we left it started pouring rain and as we got drenched, Shaan kissed me. From that moment our relationship flourished. Shaan was in medical school at the time and we knew that in just over a year he was going to have to move for General Surgery Residency but we just didn’t know where. Where you go for residency is determined by a process called The Match, so when Shaan opened up a letter telling him he would be moving to Wichita, KS for five years, we decided that I was moving too! Now years later we have a beautiful home, two amazing puppies, and an unbelievably perfect life in the Midwest!

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how they asked

On Friday, May 18th Shaan told me to go to the Ambassador Hotel in downtown Wichita. When I arrived I was told to go to the top floor where my best friend and a makeup artist were waiting for me. After my makeup, I was whisked away to get my hair done and then back to the hotel where my bestie and I sat and drank wine and then got me dressed into a beautiful dress that he had brought me. After I was ready my friend swept me away to the Wichita Art Museum. When I arrived Shaan met me at the door and took me on a private tour of the empty museum. We walked into the ballroom where another one of our friends was playing “You and I” by John Legend on the piano and under the beautiful Chihuly glass chandelier Shaan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And of course, I said yes!

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