Victoria and Sean

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How We Met

I saw Sean at a church camp when we were about 12 or 13 years old, without meeting him or knowing his name I remembered his face, again around 16/17 years old at another church function I saw him but that was it, we never went to school or church together but would be at some of the same events. Then in college this guy John and I became friends and turns out Sean was his longtime best friend. The first time we “met” he remembers but somehow I don’t, it was across a dark room at a concert. Shortly after we ended up on a birthday trip to California with friends and a college church camp and began our friendship. Sean is very introverted and while I am very extroverted, no one thought we would be an instant match but we were.

He talked to me about everything and I him and we do everything together : church, work out, volleyball, travel, read and spend way to much time with our friends and family. We were best friends for about 2 years before becoming a couple and when we did it was like it was supposed to happen all along. Right after our first official date Sean told me he loved me and this was it, we were going to get married, being the realist I am I told him not to say that to me anymore and I wanted to date for at least 2 years before getting engaged and I would only marry him if he gave me a kitten (its a longer story!), even though inside I felt the same way.

We went thru a lot in our 4 years together and half way through when we thought we’d be getting engaged we lost Sean’s dad to cancer. We grew through the roughness and struggles together even more. From day one we have been inseparable and talk about everything so in March when we set ahead to wait another year to get engaged I was comfortable and not looking at anything happening soon.

how they asked

Only three months later, June 17th, when we had a day date planned and he got called into work I thought it was no big deal. After meeting our friends from church for brunch, he left. Before I headed to my car the girls handed me a scribbled note from him. I thought it was just a cute way to make up for missing our day together but each scribbled note continued. I went on a scavenger hunt of our favorite places around Tucson, thinking he was just keeping me busy while he was at work, little did I know this was months in the making (and it was a rouse, he was not at work!). I arrived to Mt Lemmon at the spot we shared our 4 year anniversary, I got out of the car and he was sitting waiting with our friend and professional photographer, Aaron Tremblay.

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I rationalized each step and figured our friend was just there to practice for an upcoming shoot and that’s exactly what he said when I got to the picnic.

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We had lunch and talked about my day and how excited and proud of him I was for planning this spontaneous event. Driving back to my house from the Mountain he asked what I felt when I drove up, I told him it seemed a little to romantic and “proposaly” but I let that idea go quickly. He patted my leg and said “I know babe, soon enough just remember our plan.” I then reminded him, don’t forget when we do get engaged I want it photographed, I don’t want to re-enact anything. We talked about just going to a movie together to end the night so we got to my house to change, I walked inside and my heart stopped.

My housemates cleaned the house, it was full of flowers, there was music playing and they were dressed up, even at this point I told myself “He’s just making me a romantic dinner” Eventually I sat down on the couch and he came around with ,now my cat, Stella and a green ribbon with a ring around her neck.

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Sean looked so clam and just ready, he said something like (Can’t remember exactly I was crying at this point!) “Victoria you have been my best friend for 6 years and I want to continue our journey and keep being best friends so will you do me the honor of being my best friend for the rest of our lives” in shock I just said “This isn’t happening” but it did, and I said “Of course!”

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It was us and it was perfect.

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Once I gathered myself, we changed for his last surprise, some friends and family at Starr Pass Resort for a champagne toast and appetizers. It was our perfect day and I can’t believe it is now our reality!! Thank you to Aaron for being there to photograph the whole story!!

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Special thanks to some of our best friends who were able to be apart of that day: My parents, Nancy and Paul Hendricks, my sister Deanna Baldock and her son Kenton, his family, Julie Rex, Jen Rex and her boys Ethan and Isaac, our Wingate community group, best friends : John Houchin, Aaron Tremblay, Josie Ness, and my housemates Megan Hartz and Katie Canada.

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Special Thanks

Aaron Tremblay
 | Photography