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Sam and I were together for almost 5 years before he proposed. I had been bugging him about it for months like an annoying girlfriend as I watched many of our friends get engaged. He works in the commercial real estate as a restaurant broker so we occasionally get to go to soft openings for restaurants. He had convinced me months ago that they were invited to the new Nobu soft opening in Newport Beach and that we would be going there for dinner on a random Tuesday. The week prior he told me to go buy a dress for dinner on him. When he told me that I automatically jumped to the conclusion that he was proposing. However, somehow my best friend talked me out of it and the thought never crossed my mind when I drove down on that random Tuesday night.

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At the time I was living in LA while he was in OC so I drove down as quick as I could after work running so late (per usual). I got to his apartment panicking that we were going to miss the soft opening, but he was so calm saying that we were in no hurry. I put on my new dress and off we went to Lido Island. After he parked and we walked out of the parking structure, I saw the patio next to Nobu with all the string lights on and the fireplaces lit. I then started to hear the instrumental version of the Beauty and the Beast song (I am a huge fan of their movie btw).

Victoria and Sam's Engagement in Lido Island - Newport Beach, CA

At the time, the remake of the movie was just out so I figured it had something to do with that, and when I saw the photographer I assumed it was a photo shoot of some sort. I was a bit confused but it all made sense once I saw a table with a rose inside a glass vase (just like the movie!) I immediately knew what was happening now and started to cry with a very confused look on my face still. Sam pulled me in and said the most romantic things, so I believe because I can’t remember a thing! He proceeds to get down on one knee and that was it! We were engaged! I still couldn’t believe it, but then my close friends and family ran out from the restaurant next door and I knew it was all really happening.

Victoria's Proposal in Lido Island - Newport Beach, CA

We all went back to my aunt’s house who lived close by, and if the evening couldn’t get any better I walked into a surprise party with even more friends and family to celebrate with. I was so emotional and grateful thinking about all of the people there that each played a part in our lives together. Looking at my FIANCÉ, I was even more grateful knowing that I was getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. It was truly the most magical, fairytale I could’ve ever dreamed of!

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lido Island - Newport Beach, CA

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