Victoria and Sam

how we met

A couple weeks after I moved to Maryland, my brother and I got a job at the Regal Cinemas in Laurel, MD and Sam ended up doing our orientation and the rest is history!

how they asked

I did have an idea of when he might propose, only because we were on a family vacation and a couple weeks after our vacation ended I was going to move in with him and our parents wanted us to at least be engaged, I just wasn’t sure when he was going to propose. He ended up proposing on the second day of our Alaska cruise, the two of us separated from his parents and my mom and brother and walked down to the Mendenhall Glacier. He took me to a little secluded spot away from everyone and knelt down and asked me to marry him. If someone had taken our picture the moment he got know on one knee you would see that we were perfectly placed between the glacier and a waterfall. I bawled my eyes out.

Special Thanks

Anne Casey Photography
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