Victoria and Ryan

How We Met

Ever heard the express I’d swipe right for you? Well … guess what we literally did. We are the small pickings for couples who meet on tinder and find a long-lasting relationship. I found my best friend, my soul mate, and the only father-figure my son has ever had. Thank you, Tinder.

how they asked

It all started two years ago when I first met Ryan through Tinder which is unheard of. At this point in my life, I gave up on what I thought love was. I was a single mom at 20 and through my sons birth realized I deserved so much more and left the abusive relationship with his birth father. I met Ryan and knew he was too good, too kind and too selfless to be true. After months of getting to know each other, I let him meet my son. Their bond has been untouchable ever since. He became my son’s role model my sons best friend and he became my son’s father. That following year my father was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer.

My heart was broken once again when I heard the cancer was non-resectable and terminal. We had plans to travel to Puerto Rico for my first ever family reunion I was excited to spend this time with my father. It so happens that I already took my week vacation from work before knowing that this trip was happening. Coincidence or fate? Ryan not only have to ask one father but two. I was blessed to have my stepfather raise me as well. He knew how important this was to me to have my father present. On the most beautiful trip, he proposed to me in front of my family and friends. He held on to my ring for months with a burning desire to propose every day he had it but waited for the most beautiful time.

Victoria's Proposal in Isabela Puertorico

He Got down on one knee and stated he wanted me and Carson forever. Not just me but my son he made a promise to love us forever. And with the last name Startz, our forever starts here and will last a lifetime.

Where to Propose in Isabela Puertorico