Victoria and Ryan

How We Met

I met Ryan one day while working at the front desk of my dormitory through a mutual friend. I was smitten at first sight!

how they asked

My mom called me early Saturday morning and asked me to go shopping with her. We spent the day shopping and even got her makeup done. Around 3’0clock, Ryan called me and asked me to come over because our friend was on their way over to visit us from Overland Park, KS. When I got home, Ryan wasn’t there. I found a note that read “Be ready by 5’0clock. When you hear me come inside, put on this blindfold.” He had a dress and shoes picked out for me to wear! When he came back, he helped me to the car and proceeded to drive me to Kansas City, MO to the WWI museum. I had no idea what was going on and was quite nervous. I was shaking! But I trusted him with all my heart. He lead me up a mountain of stairs. Then took my blindfold off. We were on the top of the WWI museum next to Liberty Memorial, overlooking the entire downtown Kansas City. It was beautiful! There was a path of tea light candles and roses. He made his speech and got down on one knee! I immediately said yes. When I looked around, I noticed my entire family has been there the whole time! They were taking pictures! This day was the most special day of my life so far!

Image 1 of Victoria and Ryan Image 2 of Victoria and Ryan