Victoria and Roberto

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How We Met

In September 2013 I was working at Torrance Memorial Hospital when a really good looking engineer came into my patient’s room to change a light bulb. His name was Roberto. He asked me to move the patient since he legally couldn’t due to hospital policy only nursing staff can transport or give patient care. Later that day I received a call on my personal work phone. It was Roberto. I asked him, “How did you get my number?!” He told me he memorized it from the white board with all the nurse’s extension numbers. Roberto then asked for my phone number and of course I said, “No.” I was nervous because my son was only 8 months old and didn’t want to be judged that I was a single mom with a little baby. But I always put my son first no matter what. As the weeks passed I didn’t see Roberto again since we are in different departments. One morning I seen him in the cafeteria and he asked on later time. I finally gave in due to the fact that I got these amazing butterflies when I’d think about him let alone see him after so long. Then we has our first date… at the Queen Mary in Long Beach for “Dark Harbor” (Now where we are getting married)

how they asked

February 2016 we were shopping at the mall one day. I begged him to take me to kay jewelers because I was interested in looking at engagement rings. Roberto looked at me and kind of laughed but said ok. We were in there for three hours and I feel in love with only one ring. Roberto gave me the impression that he couldn’t buy it because it was too expensive and we’re better off looking at another jeweler. We never did to be honest. Fast forward to August 2016 we did a Vegas trip with our very special friends who live up north in the bay area. It was just us 4 its Vegas. (I forgot to mention Roberto was the first person who I’ve been to Vegas with legally. It was so much fun! We did clubs, gambled, won some good cash on our very first trip.. it was an adrenaline, no doubt. So Vegas was our special place to get away). We stayed at the Linq and did the open bar at the high roller Ferris wheel. I didn’t even see it coming! We were all having such a great time… laughing and talking. I got a text from my aunt that said, “go live on Facebook so we can all see how the high roller Ferris wheel is!” (She knew!) We couldn’t upload it cause the signal was bad being so high up so we gave up on that. I told Roberto, “Hey baby, let’s take a selfie!” he said, “Hold on, let Ryan take a picture of us.. this view is amazing!” And BAM!

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! His eyes got so watery and his voice was so shaky I couldn’t understand what he was saying.. I’ve never seen him so nervous in my life. All of a sudden I felt my legs shaking really bad but I couldn’t move. My stomach dropped!!! I started crying!! And I looked and EVERYONE was looking and had their phones out! It was the most incredible surreal feeling ever. Best night of my life! Immediately I called my dad and told him. He said, “Mija, I knew all along.” I was like, “What? What do you mean?” He said, “Berto asked for my blessing.” I started crying even more! I was blown away. It happened so perfectly and so special. I’m glad he didn’t do it in front of my family because I would’ve passed out lol My family tends to hype things up and it would’ve been too much for me to handle. To make the weekend even better, we won $1,200 off the wheel of fortune!

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