Victoria and Nick's Puppy Photoshoot Proposal

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How We Met

Nick and I have known each other since childhood. We grew up in the same church, our older sisters went to high school together and played on the same soccer team and we were even in a church club together. However, we were mere acquaintances, since we were 3 years apart

Many years later, we were reconnected through Facebook and a very persistent older sister (Karla, my older sister). Karla convinced me to add Nick as a friend on Facebook, so I did. Our first conversation on Facebook was brief, and we both moved on with our lives. Weeks later, Nick was so captivated by me that he began to stalk me on Facebook. In the beginning, we would speak infrequently.Then as our friendship blossomed, we began to text each other daily and share the ups and downs of our day. This went on for months, and I was desperately waiting for Nick to ask me out. I was enamored by his intelligence, and beautiful vocabulary.

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how they asked

Nick proposed to me on December 6, 2015 and it was absolutely breathtaking. I believe it was one of the most magical moments in my life, for 4.5 years I had imagined this moment, but nothing could have prepared me for it. It felt like a dream to realize that the man whom my soul longs for has asked me to be his companion forever.

In our 4.5 years together, Nick and I went through hardships most married couples have never gone through together, and we learned to love one another through our most painful times, our most trying times and our happiest times. We learned how to support each other’s dreams and ambitions. We learned how to comfort each other. We learned to have compassion for ourselves and for others. We learned to listen to each other. We learned to allow each other to grow in our careers and individual characters. We learned to love each other’s families. But most of all, we learned how to love one another and the proposal only solidified what we had known after 6 months of being together, that we loved each other and wanted to be together forever.

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Nick knows me so well that he knew that if he wanted to completely surprise me, he needed to make me think this was all my idea and with the help of my sisters, he was completely successful. A few weeks prior to the engagement, my big sister Karla, told me that a photographer had reached out to her to photograph her dogs, but unfortunately she was unable to do it, because she had her company Christmas party, so she offered the photo session to me and my dogs. I was very excited and immediately texted Nick to see if he was on board, and of course he was.

Daniela, my little sister, tried to help me pick a dress but was very insistent that I wear a white dress. Karla tried to convince me to do a vintage “notebook like” shoot. But I was very adamant about wearing holiday colors, since it was a “holiday photo shoot.” After, a long week of looking for several outfits, I found a beautiful mustard yellow dress, that was on sale, at one of my favorite boutique stores.

The very next day, Nick & I went out to try and find Nick’s outfits, and he was sure acting weird. Nick kept asking me, about our very first date together, and I thought he would propose to me at the restaurant where we had had our first date, Enzo’s.

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The day of the shoot finally arrived and it was a day like any other. Since I had told Nick about the shoot, had picked our outfits, and had picked the shoot location, I was unbeknownst, of what was to come. I got ready calmly, and was on my way. The dogs were oddly, well behaved, and we took several photos in casual outfits. After a few pictures (actually a lot of pictures), the photographer, Gaile, asked me to change into my semi-casual outfit, the mustard yellow dress. We changed and began to take a few more pics.

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After an hour, Gaile told Nick and I that we would be relocating to the top of the mountain, the final shoot location, where her husband, Jei had been setting up all the props, for the final shoot. Nick & I hopped in the car and headed up the mountain. When we finally arrived, there was a burlap blanket laid out in the middle of the trees with a chandelier hanging atop, a vintage suitcase with pastel colored balloons tied to it and a basket with beautiful yellow sunflowers and white roses.

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I thought it was so beautiful, but did not look like a holiday shoot at all. At this point, I was so caught up with taking pictures that a proposal did not cross my mind. Gaile, asked me to pose with just Vanessa for a few pictures, and Vanessa was acting crazy (perhaps she sensed what was coming).

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After a few pictures, Gaile decided that it was best to bring Kobe, and as I turned around to get Kobe, I saw Nick walking Kobe and he had a sign around his neck that said: “Will you Marry my Dad?” I immediately burst into tears and was in utter disbelief, the feeling was surreal. Nick professed his love and affection for me and of course I said yes, many tears later.

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The surprise didn’t end there, my father and mother had been hiding and watching the whole proposal and immediately came out to congratulate us. The tears continued, and the photographer continued to shoot. They took a few shots before the sun completely set with wooden signs, Daniela had hand painted herself. The winning shot was right on top of the mountain as the sun was setting and the city was beginning to light up. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

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But there’s more… Nick and I dropped off Kobe and V at Nick’s house, and then we were headed to Karla’s house, where my niece and nephew awaited their parents’ return. The family told me they would have a celebration for us the next day, so when I walked into my sister’s backyard and saw my closest college friends, including my roommate who had flown in from SF for the day, and my family and Nick’s immediate family, I burst into tears yet again.

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We all sat around a long candle-lit table, with a white table cloth and a tulle runner, there were mason jars filled with baby’s breath and light pink carnations, and little lantern candles hanging from the trees. The night was filled with laughter, and beautiful speeches and everyone was able to eat the eggplant parmesan Nick and I shared on our very first date at Enzo’s. Nick and I would like to thank our family and friends who worked so hard to make this day perfect, we are eternally indebted to you.

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