Victoria and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The liberty house

How We Met

We met in college. In 2013, we both kept catching each other’s eyes on opposite sides of the room. Within 2 years, we’ve had 4 classes together. When put in the same group, we started talking every day. I was supposed to graduate the next semester so we lost touch. Plans changed and we had another class together. We would get dinner after class every Monday and talk every day. Nick finally asked me out in April 2015 and made it official June 26, 2015.

How They Asked

We had to take different vacations this year due to work. This year, I went to Puerto Rico with my parents. Nick told me when I got back he would take me to my favorite restaurant. All vacation, this dinner was the only thing I would talk about; I was soo excited. On July 27, Nick called me in the morning to tell me that my brother & sister in law were going to dinner at The Liberty House and wanted us to join. She had to drop off payment for her sister, who would be getting married there at the end of August. We usually go to dinner with them so I didn’t think anything of it, so I agreed.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The liberty house

When we get to dinner, I saw my sister in law give the manager an envelope before we sat down. We had a great dinner and after, we were going to see where the wedding would be and walk around. When we walked outside, there was a photographer who claimed she was with The Liberty House and wanted to take pictures of us. My brother and sister in law go first then us. We take a picture, Nick kisses me and starts talking. I was so shellshocked that I kept telling him to stop and before I knew it he was on his knee asking me to marry him. Little did I know he hired the photographer to take pictures of us in Liberty State Park. I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect day or proposal!

Special Thanks

Nicolette Sarzosa
 | Photographer